I'm a foot reader – what the Kardashians' feet say about them, including who's a secret rebel & the natural leader | The Sun

I'm a foot reader – what the Kardashians' feet say about them, including who's a secret rebel & the natural leader | The Sun

July 18, 2022

TRAVIS Barker and Pete Davidson may be onto something with their focus on the Kardashian women's feet.

According to celebrity foot reader Jane Sheehan, you can tell a lot about a person from their tootsies – including which of the Kardashian-Jenner women may be a secret rebel and which is a born leader.

In their 15 years of fame, the Kardashians have been analyzed from head to toe – the last part now literally.

Sheehan, who does foot readings and reflexology in Scarisbrick, England, recently examined images of the Kardashian and Jenner women's feet and says she could tell they're – ahem – solemates.

"You can see some family resemblances, and you can see where they are different from each other," she told The Sun.

Sheehan also admitted that she was surprised at how nice their feet look given that they wear high heels.

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Sheehan observed that Kim Kardashian, 41, has wide, short toes, which indicate someone who is "practical, down-to-earth, and pragmatic" – and less creative than her sisters.

Kim also has a deep line on the third toe of her right foot, but no matching one on her left foot.

"[This] indicates that in the past … you were adaptable, knowing when to hold back, knowing when to push forwards, biding your time until the time is right.

"Now, though, something has changed, and you are much more
going with the flow in terms of what you are doing, more direct: 'This is what I want to do, this is what I get done.'"

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Sheehan says Kim's feet show she held back more in the past but is now more directCredit: Instagram

Sheehan also notes that on Kim's third toe on her left foot, the base is narrower than the tip.

Someone with this feature wants to "start off slowly, cautiously, but once you start doing something, you pull more and more resources towards you and you overachieve."

Finally, Sheehan thinks that Kim's little toes seem straight in photos but are really on their sides – though she admits she could only know for sure by looking at the undersides of Kim's feet.

"If I am right, then this would be a covert rebel – doing the window dressing to appear to fit in whilst breaking the rules behind the scenes and getting away with it," she says.


Sheehan points out that all the tendons are visible in Kendall Jenner's feet when they're at rest.

"If you have this trait, like Kendall Jenner, it means you have been put under harsh pressure," she says.

The 26-year-old also has a straight big toe that angles from the joint just below the nail, which Sheehan says means "that you go to say exactly what you are thinking, but then remember to soften the blow at the last minute."

She added: "If you have a second toenail squashed into the toe like Kendall’s, then it means that in terms of emotions, you have your own ideas, but no one is listening. Simply put, your ideas are being
squashed out."

Kendall also has long, narrow toes, which are a sign of creative expression, according to Sheehan.


If Khloe Kardashian's body transformation is any indication, she's the queen of self-discipline – and Sheehan says that's evident in the way that only the tendon in Khloe's big toe is visible.

The 38-year-old is also a planner who likes to think things through before speaking.

"An arched nail on the big toe means that you want to work out all the details in your own mind before you deliver an idea," says Sheehan.

"When you do deliver the idea, it can come out like a bolt out of the blue, because no one knew you’ve been thinking it through for so long."

To that end, anyone familiar with Khloe's big toenail may not be so surprised that she only just announced that she is expecting a second child who was conceived back in November.

But though Khloe is meticulous, Sheehan says she's also sensitive, as indicated by her second toenail not being wide enough to cover the toe.

If you have a similar toenail, "you listen behind the lines so you pick up on more than people want you to."


Thanks to Travis' foot photo habit, there's plenty of footage of 43-year-old Kourtney Kardashian's toes to pore over.

And though Kim got some flack for complaining that no one wants to work anymore, Kourtney's feet indicate that she's the most industrious one in the family.

"The elongated third toe in comparison to the second and fourth indicate that you have extra drive and determination and that you can do twice as much as the next person given the same time and resources," Sheehan says.

The downside, though, is that Kourtney hates delegating "because others can’t do half as much as you can do with the same time and resources."

Sheehan says that Kourtney also has a slightly webbed second and third toe, which means their "energies have to work together."

Finally, Kourtney's feet indicate that she is grounded and has a strong sense of security, but her "really big big-toe pads" show she's a thinker.

"This indicates someone who spends a lot of time in their head, mulling things over, cogitating," Sheehan explains, adding that it appears to be a tendency for the star.


One look at Kris Jenner's feet and an expert may have predicted she'd build an empire.

"A short big toe indicates you are a multi-tasker. You’re thinking twenty things and putting ten into action already," says Sheehan.

Like Khloe, Kris, 66, has an arched nail on her big toe, indicating she likes to fully plan things out before revealing them to others.

The reality TV matriarch also has prominent lines on her toe joints below her second, third, and fourth toenails.

According to Sheehan, this shows a person is "extremely adaptable, knowing when to hold back, knowing when to push forwards, biding time until the time is right."


The youngest of the family, Kylie Jenner, 24, shares some foot familiarity with her mom.

Like Kris, she has a short big toe, showing a penchant for multi-tasking – something clear to her Kylie Cosmetics shoppers.

Also a clear sign that she'd build a massive business? A long second toe.

"Compared to the others, the second toe is long, which indicates natural leadership qualities – and if not in a leadership role, then you can become bossy!"

Kylie also has quite narrow feet, which may have driven her toward the beauty business, too.

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"Narrow feet mean you have a love of aesthetics, appreciation of beauty in your surroundings, and an emphasis on stopping to take time out to appreciate," says Sheehan.

The foot reader also notes that someone with Kylie's feet likely has a knack for delegating tasks without other people realizing they're being delegated to.

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