I'm a florist – the deeper message your Valentine's Day match is sending with their choice of flowers | The Sun

I'm a florist – the deeper message your Valentine's Day match is sending with their choice of flowers | The Sun

February 14, 2023

ROSES are red, violets are blue, here's what your Valentine's Day bouquet says about you.

Florist Bronte Rose has revealed the meaning behind popular types of flowers.

Bronte, who has been working as a florist for eight years, spoke exclusively to The U.S. Sun about different Valentine's Day options.

The Sydney-based flower expert shared the deeper meaning of 10 different bouquets.

The go-to flower when it comes to romantic gestures is of course the traditional red rose.

"For Valentine's Day, the obvious favorite is roses, which symbolize romance, love, and beauty. It is an easy choice and guaranteed to get you in the good books," Bronte said.

If you want to be a little more creative with your flower choice, Bronte suggests dahlias.

She explained that the beautiful wildflowers "are equally gorgeous, and symbolize devotion, commitment, and kindness."

Another option worth considering this V-day is a simple bunch of tulips.

According to Bronte, the cup-shaped flowers are viewed as a symbol of "perfect, deep, and unconditional love."

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While not traditionally viewed as a Valentine's flower, sunflowers are also a good choice to gift you significant other.

They represent "loyalty and adoration" in a relationship.

Orchids, often used in bridal bouquets, may also be a thoughtful gift for couples who are ready to expand their family.

Whether it's in a bouquet or a pot, an orchid celebrates your "unity and fertility" as a pair.

If your partner gifts you hydrangeas this Valentine's Day, they're expressing their gratitude for having you in their life.

A delphinium bouquet is a unique choice to show your partner you care for them.

The bright blue flowers represent "thoughtfulness, goodwill, and protection."

A popular flower to gift your significant other is the lily, which famously symbolizes "innocence and purity."

And if your Valetnine's plan involves professing your feelings to a crush, then daisies are a perfect choice.

According to Bronte, a simple daisy is an omen of "love and new beginnings."

Finally, a bouquet containing lisianthus flowers might be an ideal choice for long-term relationships.

Often regarded as "the poor man's rose," the lisianthus is actually a symbol of "appreciation and charm."

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So whether your partner buys you a dozen red roses or a simple sunflower, remember "it's the thought that counts."

To see more of Bronte's work, visit the Instagram for her business The Flower Posse.

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