I’m a female welder – I get dirtier as the day goes on, but people say I’m 'drop-dead beautiful' | The Sun

I’m a female welder – I get dirtier as the day goes on, but people say I’m 'drop-dead beautiful' | The Sun

March 18, 2023

OVER the course of a grueling workday, a female welder filmed herself getting coated in grime.

By the time she left work, her followers had fallen for her, despite the dirt.

The talented tradeswoman, named Winter (@winterrenee), documented a full day of work on her TikTok.

Throughout her work shift as a rail car repair welder, she recorded a video and showed viewers a day in her life.

Winter opened with an invitation. "Watch me get dirtier as the day goes on," she wrote in the caption.

She checked in after her first break at 8am. Her white T-shirt and jeans were dusted with filth, but Winter said she was only "semi-dirty."

More dirt and grime were caked on her face and body when she checked in at 11.30am.

Though Winter's update was interrupted a few times when a "rude" train went by, she was able to record a missive about how her day was going.

"Haven't done much welding today," she told her followers. "I've basically been painting."

Though she was "not that dirty yet," she made a gross discovery while she was recording.

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Turning around and grabbing the seat of her jeans, Winter said, "Ew, my butt's wet."

By 2.30pm, Winter's long day was almost done.

"My hair is a mess, I'm a mess," Winter said. She turned around to show her full body.

"I'm covered in f***ing paint," she complained. Her body was also coated in dirt and dust. "I can't wait to clock out," Winter sighed.

While the welder was exhausted and filthy, her viewers thought she looked more stunning than when she clocked in.

"You're a beautiful mess," one fan wrote.

Another told Winter she "Still looks just as good by the end of the day."

"I think you look drop-dead beautiful," an admirer confessed.

Another woman wanted to know Winter's beauty secrets.

"How do you make your hair so pretty when you have it down?" she asked.

One guessed that Winter was looking forward to getting cleaned up.

"I KNOW you feel really good after your showers," they wrote.

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And one of Winter's fans said she would still be gorgeous no matter how dirty she was.

"Beauty is defined by what is in your heart, not how you look," he told her.

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