I’m a fashion pro and these are the most flattering styles on petite women & how you wear your bag can make a difference | The Sun

I’m a fashion pro and these are the most flattering styles on petite women & how you wear your bag can make a difference | The Sun

June 28, 2022

FASHION and style can be rather more complicated if you are below the average height.

The majority of clothing will have been made with someone much taller than you in mind, meaning that so many items, such as jeans and maxi dresses, can end up being just too long for your legs.

Petite fashionista Alex Croney has shared the most flattering styles for smaller women. 

At 4’11 Alex knows the struggles of shopping as a petite woman, she says that it can be difficult to know what flatters you and won’t drown you.


The fashion pro’s first tip is to always opt for midi style dresses over maxis when shopping in the regular section, adding that this doesn’t really apply if you’re shopping in the petite section.


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“I always find that if I buy a dress from the maxi section of a regular range, it can sometimes drag on the floor a little bit and it just doesn't look like it flatters me” says Alex.

Instead if you’re shorter, she suggests buying a midi dress and styling it as a maxi.


“Bags can be a little trick when you’re short,” says Alex, “just because sometimes bags can sort of overpower your look and they can also make you appear a bit shorter depending on where they fall.”

The fashion pro suggests keeping your bag on the upper half of your body, adding that you don’t really want to fall any lower than your hip.

If you do have a bag that falls too low, Alex has a trick for fixing this, that’ll have you, and the bag, looking fab in no time.

“You just want to open up the flap and place the straps just underneath the flap so they cross over. Then do the bag up and you can wear it with a shorter chain.”

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When it comes to trousers, Alex says it can be difficult to get around the fact that this will likely be too long for you.

She suggests buying most of your trousers in the petite section, adding that this will save you “a lot of time and probably a lot of money too,” as you won’t have to pay to have them altered.

Alex adds that when she buys trousers in the regular section she does cut them to make them fit, but will usually just buy from the petite section.

With all bottoms, whether trousers, shorts or skirts, she suggests opting for high waisted items, adding that this is a “universally flattering look, especially if you are shorter."


“Another item that will really flatter you if you are petite are cropped jackets,” says Alex.

Cropped jackets tend to fall just above the hip level, and according to this style guru, this is a rather flattering finish for shorter women.

If you’re wearing a longer coat, Alex suggests choosing one that’s belted, or adding a belt if need be, adding that this will cinch in your waist and stop the coat from appearing as if it is drowning you.


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According to this fashion pro, the most flattering footwear for petite women are any shoes that have a pointed toe, whether flats or heels, as this can really help to elongate your legs.

She says that while flats can be tricky if you’re short, you can still wear them, adding that if wearing flats she’ll usually opt for a nude pair with a pointed toe.

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