I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – why you NEED to check the labels on your cleaning sprays carefully

I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – why you NEED to check the labels on your cleaning sprays carefully

May 4, 2022

THE Dollar Tree is every cleaning fan's dream spot when they're looking to stock up on products.

But you might want to pay closer attention to the labels so you can get the best bang for your buck, according to a money-saving fan.

Blogger, organizational expert, and Dollar Tree fan Kathryn Snearly, who goes by Do It On a Dime on social media, shared "an insider trick you've got to know."

"Lots of the cleaning products come in multiple sizes, so make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck," Snearly explained in her YouTube video called New Dollar Tree gems you didn't know existed.

Showing off two different sizes of the same carpet cleaner, she explained: "This one is 12 ounces while this is 9.7 ounces, and they're both $1.25."

Previously, she had also revealed the cleaning products you need to buy to stop you from scrubbing anything anymore.

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First, Kathryn shared Dollar Tree's Scrub Free glass cleaner, a new product that she said was in her top three products of the entire store.

"It goes on in a super satisfying foam, it smells great, and it truly leaves your glass and mirrors streak-free without any scrubbing," she said.

Next, Kathryn said the LA's Totally Awesome cleaner at $1.25: "Creates the best and most satisfying foam you can use to clean anything."

It comes as a concentrated cleaner that must be diluted depending on what you're cleaning, but the instructions come right on the bottle.

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Kathryn uses it herself outside on her windows and doorways.

Then, the expert pointed out the TikTok famous cleaner Fabuloso is available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 as well.

Kathryn uses the antibacterial Fabuloso with her O Cedar Double Bucket Mop to get her floors sparkling clean.

Next up on Kathryn's Dollar Tree must-haves is LA's Totally Awesome bathroom cleaner for $1.25.

"I can say fully this works awesome," Kathryn added.

She used the spray to clean the hard-to-reach areas on her toilet, plus on her countertops.

Kathryn then circles back to explain what her top two favorite Dollar Tree products are: Lim-A-Way toilet bowl cleaner and the Ty-D-Bol automatic toilet cleaner, both priced at $1.25.

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She used the Lim-A-Way to wipe her toilet bowl clean then clipped the Ty-D-Bol on the back part of the toilet so that it continues to clean with each flush.

Kathryn also tried the $1.25 Rust Lime and Calcium cleaner for the first time, which she said: "did a pretty good job."

The expert then grabbed a $1.25 container of Clorox disinfecting bleach to clean up her jetted tub.

She explained: "I pour the entire thing in and run a few cycles through the jets to clean out all of that gunk.

"Such an inexpensive way for one dollar to get a clean and refreshed tub."

Moving on to the laundry aisle, Kathryn picked up a few individual containers of Downy and Gain's laundry scent boosters, both only costing $1.25.

"Pour one of these into a spray bottle and add warm water. Mix it up and the scent boosters will dissolve, now you have a DIY room spray," she said.

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Kathryn used her own room spray in her closet and on her couch cushions.

Lastly, Kathryn grabbed baby oil for $1.25 to shine up her bathroom fixtures and a roller scraper to easily scrape off excess paint.

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