I’m a dog expert and there are three large dog breeds I wouldn’t recommend – one of them stinks no matter what you do | The Sun

I’m a dog expert and there are three large dog breeds I wouldn’t recommend – one of them stinks no matter what you do | The Sun

February 17, 2023

A DOG EXPERT from the US has revealed the three large dog breeds he wouldn't recommend getting.

The dog trainer who goes by americanstandardk9 on TikTok regularly shares tips and tricks on training your dog and the best breeds out there.

In a recent video, the dog expert revealed his least favourite large breeds of pooches to keep as pets.

He said: "Three large dog breeds I don't recommend as a professional dog trainer, starting with number three, the Bloodhound."

While Bloodhounds can be sweet in personality, the dog trainer revealed they absolutely stink and are constantly howling.

He explained: "I don't care how many baths you give them, they just have an oily type of skin and they just smell musky all the time.


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"Not to mention they don't bark, they howl. And if you haven't heard a bloodhound howl all night long then you don't know what you're missing.

"Don't get 'em, unless you plan to track missing children all day."

The next dog he wouldn't recommend is the Akita, a dog breed that comes from Japan.

The dog trainer said: "Now the reason for that, they're too strong and powerful for most people to handle them.

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"Combine that with their highly protective instincts – they don't like other dogs and they definitely don't like strangers."

He revealed the Akita were prone to biting and that it was definitely not going to feel good if they do.

Lastly, the dog expert recommended staying clear of the Giant Shnauzer.

Although the dog breed is great for police work, they aren't so good for domestic life.

He explained: "Those are dogs used for police work overseas.

"They're very strong, they can be very stubborn, and they can do a lot of damage if they're not properly trained and raised."

The vidoe has since gone viral with over one million views and 72,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "Giant Schnauzer owners here, I had a dog trainer before the puppy even come home. I couldn't do it without him. Best dog ever now."

Another person commented: "My Akita is scary but he’s nice to my family."

"Noooooo I've wanted a Giant Schnauzer for the longest," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "My Akita was awesome! Well behaved and trained."

"I agree about the Akita," claimed a fifth.

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