I’m a DIY expert – here’s how to make your own window screen to stop pesky bugs from coming in during the summer | The Sun

I’m a DIY expert – here’s how to make your own window screen to stop pesky bugs from coming in during the summer | The Sun

July 3, 2022

A DIY expert has revealed the simple way to make your own window screens.

If you enjoy having your windows open during the summer month but can't stand bugs coming in then we've got the hack for you.

The DIY expert shared the simple solution on their TikTok account, Something_Quaint.

They wrote: "How I made DIY window screens (because they aren't a thing in the UK.)"

"The only thing America's got right," they captioned the video.

In the short clip, they first say you'll need a sheet of mesh fabric, with the holes small enough bugs wont be able to crawl through.


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Next, you will need magnetic tape to secure the fabric in place.

Using the sticky side of the tape stick it to the window frame, then place another layer of magnetic tape with the sticky side facing outwards.

You can then stick the mesh onto the tape and trim off any excess fabric and the DIY project is complete.

The DIY pro said in the comments section of the video that their DIY window screen had been up for a year without falling down once.

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The post received over 14k likes by viewers, but many pointed out you could buy window screens from the store.

Others claimed they'd also make their own as it was a lot cheaper than getting them at a store.

One wrote: "I don’t even care that you can buy them. Buying the stuff to make one will be cheaper and it’s more satisfying! Going to save this!"

"Think some people have missed the point, great job and idea and I'm sure a lot cheaper than shop bought!"

A third penned: "Brilliant idea, I’ve seen them online but they fluctuate in price so much and look hideous. This doesn’t!"

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