I'm a dating expert and these are the seven things you need to put on your profile to get a date EVERY time

I'm a dating expert and these are the seven things you need to put on your profile to get a date EVERY time

January 31, 2022

AS THE new year hits many of us decide it's time to put ourselves back out there on the dating sites.

If you're planning a return, or even first flourish, on the apps, there is some pro advice you need to guarantee that you'll get attention.

Dating expert Frances Keller shared her seven must-know tips for cleaning up with digital dating.

Less is more but blank space makes you look lazy

When it comes to what you write on your profile, Frances insists that you shouldn't just harp on but equally leaving empty space is a no no.

She said: "With your bio you need to think quality not quantity. Think interesting not hum drum.

"Be honest. It’s the number one thing that people look for in a person. You do not leave anything blank; it makes you look lazy."

Balance your bio

While people will want to get to know you from your comments online, the dating expert explained that you shouldn't just focus on yourself.

She said: "Research shows that the magic formula in a profile is speak 70% about yourself and 30% about the other person.  

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"In the last 30% do not list all the things you want in a partner. Instead, focus on the type of person you are looking for and the values they possess. Foe example: 'Looking for someone who values family and being active' or 'Looking for someone to climb mountains with'."

Ditch the selfies

Great pictures are vital for a successful profile, and Frances explained that some photos are likely to put people off rather than draw them in.

She said: "Photos are 90% of the profile.

"Men are much more visual than us and therefore look at profiles differently.  They are extremely focused on photos.

"A person makes up their mind about you in one 40th of a second so your pictures must be good.

"No selfies, no pouting, no sunglasses, no hats. Don’t hide your face, it makes you look dishonest.

"Smile, it will help you stand out and look trustworthy. Taking them in natural light is the most flattering. Use no filters, you are good enough as you are.

"If you have a pet pose with them as these pictures get more likes. They show you can love another being and that it loves you."


Full body pictures are a must

Frances also pointed out how vital it is to have a full length shot as one of the pictures you upload to your profile.

She explained: "Have one full length photo as they get 200% more messages.

"Wearing outdoor apparel gets you 20% more messages. The best photos are action pictures meaning you doing things like skiing, cooking, or cycling.

"They are good for starting a conversation and reflect your lifestyle. What you want to do is show someone who you are not tell them. Five photos are plenty."

Tee up the date in your profile

Actually asking someone on a date is tough but it's far easier if there's a hook right there for them on your page.

Frances said: "If it’s a platform where you answer questions like Hinge, their app team did studies with users and saw that the best prompt to respond to was 'I know the best spots in town for' because it meant getting more dates."

Get your first message right

Once you've secured the all important match, it's key to get your conversation opener right.

The dating expert said: "Firstly, always use the person’s name. It builds attraction and makes it more personal.

"Do not say: 'Hi, how are you?' people get those 20 times a day.

"Instead, you can ask something like this 'what is something you ‘d love to learn?' or 'if you won the lotto what would you do?' or 'what’s the best thing that ever happened to you?'

"These are leading, non-intrusive original conversation starters that give you an insight into the person that allows you to see their character and aspirations.

"They also build attraction because when you get people talking about things they like or something pleasant they associate this good feeling with you and want to then communicate with you because you make them feel good.

"Asking a question or throwing a challenge at a person gives them an easy way to connect and message you too for example: 'I love cooking. what's your favourite dish?' or 'I can beat anyone at chess, want to play?'"

Don't talk for too long

And finally it's important not to go round in circles chatting to people online, but to arrange to meet up quickly.

Frances said: "Dating apps should only be used for two things-to throw your net wide and to connect. Do not over communicate.

"It kills the passion, anticipation, and curiosity and these are all the things that create desire.

"Aim to meet someone asap once you have connected with them and exchanged five to six messages.

"Research has shown the longer you stay talking to someone online the less likely you are of getting a date."

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