I'm a conjoined twin, my sister has a boyfriend & I have to third wheel on dates… I always end up ruining their pictures

I'm a conjoined twin, my sister has a boyfriend & I have to third wheel on dates… I always end up ruining their pictures

November 16, 2021

A CONJOINED twin says she always ruins cute pictures of her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

Lupita shared photos and in a video explains she often doesn't realise twin Carmen and her boyfriend are taking a snap.

They are omphalopagus twins, which make up 10% of all conjoined twins. This means that the twins each have a heart, a set of arms, a set of lungs and a stomach.

They do, however, share some ribs, a liver, their circulatory system and their digestive and reproductive systems. 

The 21-year-old twins, who live in the United States, have amassed 1.5million followers on Tiktok and often go viral for talking about their lives.

They also appeared in a Channel 4 documentary earlier this year, where the inspired thousands with their story.

Lupita described what it’s like to always have to feature in couple photos with her sister. 

“This is me ruining all Carmen and her boyfriend’s pictures”, she said. 

In the first photo, Lupita explained that she was caught off guard and was just trying to eat a snack. 

“That’s me eating an apple, because I was enjoying the apple and no one told me they were taking pictures.”

In the second photo, again, Lupita just didn’t know pictures were being taken. 

She said: “That’s me. Didn’t tell me they were taking the picture again.”

In the last photo, she said she looked “crazy”. 

Viewers were obsessed with Lupita’s hilarious commentary on the photos.

“I can imagine Lupita instigating funny arguments, like hey remember when…”, imagined one viewer, while a second said: “You’re not ruining their pictures, you’re just spicing them up with your presence.”

“Haha lifetime photobomber, can’t wait for the wedding pics”, wrote a third. 

“Lupita for president!”, said one fan, and another agreed: “Lupita is so funny for what!”

Some couldn’t imagine always having to tag along on dates.

“So you’re just there while they’re flirting or talking”, wrote one commenter, and another said: “Lmaoooo Lupita always being forced to be the third wheel.”

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