I'm a cleaning whizz & my 1p hack will instantly banish water marks from your taps – & you don't need any fancy products | The Sun

I'm a cleaning whizz & my 1p hack will instantly banish water marks from your taps – & you don't need any fancy products | The Sun

May 6, 2023

A CLEANING guru has shared how to effectively banish harsh water marks from your taps without having to fork out for pricey products.

Nothing can ruin the aesthetic of your home quite like annoying water marks – but luckily, one fan of cleaning has come to rescue with an easy hack to tackle the common issue.

The best part? Not only is it effective and cheap, but you also won't need to waste money on harsh chemical products.

The trick, according to @thegoodlifehack who shared it on TikTok, is using… a candle.

In the video, which has been viewed a whopping 30.2million times, the whizz starts by grabbing a candle and rubbing it all over her bathroom tap.

Once all the surface had been covered, the woman took a dry cloth and gently went over the wax residue on the tap.

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As the wax had created a slippery surface, any water was immediately falling off, leaving no stains.

Baffled by the hack, over 1.6k people on social media flocked to comments to than the whizz, where someone even dubbed it ''witchcraft''.

One fan of the inexpensive trick said: ''Wax also has an amazing ability to retain dust, not sure which quality I'd prefer.''

Another couldn't wait to give it a go, writing: ''Wwwowooowowo!!! Running to Try!!!''

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Someone else advised: ''Also you can use wax on the bottoms and sides of dresser drawers etc so they slide easily and don’t squeak.''

However, not everyone was sold on the idea, as a few critics also shared their thoughts.

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''Yeah then the tap heats up and the wax goes all rank, just use glass cleaner,'' one such person said.

''use wd40 so much easier and the shin [shine] is beautiful,'' a TikTok fan reckoned.

Candles can be purchased at most retailers, such as Aldi, Amazon and Sainsbury's.

Although the options are many, you're better off using a tea candle, as this oftentimes costs the least.

You can nab a pile of 18 tea candles for a mere £3.99 from Amazon or a hundred-pack for a fiver from IKEA.

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