I’m a cleaning whizz & my 17-year-old son taught me a clever trick to remove cat hair from fabric, it works like a charm | The Sun

I’m a cleaning whizz & my 17-year-old son taught me a clever trick to remove cat hair from fabric, it works like a charm | The Sun

July 4, 2023

A CLEANING guru has shared the incredible hack her 17-year-old son discovered and it works like a charm. 

Taking to her social media account, Phoebe explained that she initially thought her son was pulling her leg.

But she eventually realised he was serious and decided to try the hack out for herself.

Starting her video off by opening a cupboard door, she showed viewers a box full of pumice stones, which she usually uses to clean the toilet. 

“My son says to me, ‘Oh, we have those too?’ and I said, ‘Yes, pumice stones? Why?’” she said, reenacting their conversation.

“So he goes, ‘Oh, we use those at the car dealership every day to clean up hair’…” 

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She told him that’s not possible as they’re used for cleaning sinks and toilets, but he insisted and explained that they use it on the carpets in the back of vehicles.

He told her that it gets animal hair and they simply hoover it up once it’s all collected. 

Taking a pumice stone, she then decided to test it out on a bench that her cat sits on all the time. 

“So the cat sits on this piano bench and we normally just vacuum it,” she said while dragging it over the fabric. 

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Admitting that you need to be careful when using it as it can be a little rough on the material, she said: “You need to be a little careful, but see that?”

“The hair picks right up… It just picks it right up. Works like a charm,” she continued. “Kid is turning 18-years-old in July and this is the best thing he’s ever learned and taught me in 18 years. 

“Pumice stone… Who knew?” 

In the caption, TikTok user @gladiatorphoebe added: “12 years of public school and this is the best thing he has ever learned!!!!” 

People were amazed by the hack as one person wrote: “BRB going to do this all over the house”. 

Another said: “Sigh… Alright I guess I’ll add it to my Amazon cart lol,” as a third chimed: “this just changed my life”. 

“Oh my God I had to get up right the moment I saw this video and do my velvet chair It worked great thank you so much,” another wrote. 

While another person added: “Omggg I need to do this to my couch! My mom coming to visit and she hates my cats shedding,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

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