I’m a cleaning expert & your mattress could be a hotbed for mould at home – here's how often you should really clean it | The Sun

I’m a cleaning expert & your mattress could be a hotbed for mould at home – here's how often you should really clean it | The Sun

January 17, 2023

MANY of us wouldn’t even think about cleaning our mattresses regularly – an expert has weighed in on how often you should be giving them a spruce up. 

Giving your bedding and pillows a clean has to be one of the most lengthy but important household chores. 

But an extra element you may have forgotten about is cleaning your mattress regularly too. 

Over time, dead skin and body sweat can actually create an environment which attracts mould and dust mites. 

The experts at Online-Bedrooms.co.uk are giving advice to households on how to go about regularly cleaning their mattresses and making them safe to sleep on. 

They recommend giving them a refresh every three months to stop mould growing and prevent pests from your bed. 

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk said: “It’s easy to regularly wash the bedding and pillowcases, but many forget the importance of deep cleaning their mattress on a regular occasion. 

“While it’s often recommended to give it a deep clean every six months, we’re advising everyone to make the clean more regular in a three-month cycle. 

“Even if the mattress doesn’t appear to look dirty, it can still be home to dust mites lurking underneath in search of dead skin cells.”

Luckily, cleaning your mattress doesn’t need to be a hard task, and you can use many things you’ll already have around the home. 

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One thing you can do is gently brush a mixture of soap and warm water on the mattress and let it sit for four hours before brushing off. 

Don’t outright pour all of the water directly onto the mattress, especially if there’s mould as it can make the problem worse.

Nic also recommends vacuuming it every week to get rid of dust on the mattress, as well as a sprinkle baking soda over your mattress when routinely washing your bedding. 

Elsewhere, when it comes to removing mould, alcohol can be a great substance to use. 

He said: “Isopropyl or mould spray helps to scrub the mould off, if it’s in a dire condition, call in the professionals to tackle the cleaning job. 

“But if the problem becomes severe, it may mean you need to replace the mattress entirely.”

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Other tips included investing in an anti-allergy mattress protector to lower the chances of dust mites appearing, and making sure to stick to a three month cycle when it comes to cleaning your mattress. 

He went on to describe symptoms which could indicate the presence of the pests around your bed. 

These could include sneezing, skin rashes and red eyes – all indications that you might be allergic to dust mites. 

Nic explained what you should do if you notice any of these signs in your bedroom.

He said: "Immediately start cleaning the mattress by hoovering and sprinkling baking soda on it. 

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“It’s not just dust mites which pose serious health threats to oblivious sleepers, but it’s also undiscovered mould which can result in breathing difficulties and life-threatening consequences if untreated.” 

“This is why we’re encouraging all homeowners to start giving their mattresses a deep clean,” Nic concluded. 

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