I'm a cleaning expert – how to clean your pillows and get rid of bacteria without putting them in the washing machine | The Sun

I'm a cleaning expert – how to clean your pillows and get rid of bacteria without putting them in the washing machine | The Sun

July 26, 2022

PLENTY of people are guilty of not washing their pillows.

The job can take a long time plus, you never really see how gross they are once you've got a pillowcase over them.

But there are so many reasons you should make it a priority, pillows can harbour bacteria from sweat, saliva and dust.

For some, their washing machines are just too small to fit their pillow in.

But cleaning expert at My Job Quote, Sarah Dempsey, revealed how to get them clean without using a washing machine.

If your pillows have gone yellow or brown from not washing them it might be best to throw them away and start afresh, reports the Express.


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But if you think your pillows are salvageable then Sarah explained: “If you need to clean a pillow, the best thing you can do is begin by shaking off all of the loose debris and dust."

If that isn't enough to remove all the dust, use a vacuum to go over them, or hang them outside on a warm windy day until the dust falls out.

You can then move on to cleaning the pillow by using a damp cloth and a small amount of mild detergent on it.

The detergent will kill any germs on the pillow. 

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“If there are any stubborn stains present, you may have to resort to scrubbing,” Sarah said. 

But don't scrub too hard as this can damage the pillow.

You should then lay it somewhere flat in an open space so that it can air dry, says the cleaning expert.

This can take some time depending on how much water you've used during the cleaning process.

Once clean and dried, you should make efforts to protect your pillow by using a pillow protector or using two pillowcases instead of one.

This will mean there are two layers of fabric between your face and the actual pillow. 

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If a stain does transfer through these layers and onto the pillow itself, you should treat the stain as soon as possible. 

Dab a small amount of washing powder or liquid detergent onto the area, then wash as normal to prevent long-lasting stains.

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