I’m a cleaning expert – everyday £3 household item can help prevent condensation and mould build-up in your bathroom | The Sun

I’m a cleaning expert – everyday £3 household item can help prevent condensation and mould build-up in your bathroom | The Sun

December 30, 2022

A CLEANING expert has revealed that an everyday household item can stop condensation and mould in your house.

The Wrekin Housing Group keeps social housing across the West Midlands in good nick.

One of its experts posted a TikTok revealing her top tip for keeping your house free from mould.

To the tune of Montell Jordan's song This Is How We Do It, she said: "Keep boilers and thermosats consistent.

"The World Health Organisation recommends 18-21 degrees."

The Black Country expert revealed that a common under-the-sink item can help stop mould building up in your bathroom.

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She said that a £3 squeegee is all you need for her genius bathroom hack.

Wielding her squeegee, she said: "Shut doors when using a shower or bath to prevent moisture, and wipe down any remaining water!

"This includes, shower screens, tiles and mirrors.

"Don't forget your windows, especially around the edges to prevent mould."

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Although some experts say you should use a "swivel" or "fan" method when squeegeeing, this one used long downwards motions in her demonstration.

She also said: "Use lids to prevent condensation when cooking.

"Keep the room well-ventilated when drying clothes indoors.

"Make sure you open windows to release any humid air.

"You can also use a dehumidifier or humidity reader."

Not everyone on TikTok was convinced by her advice.

Ab said: "Imagine having your house on a consistent temperature.

"How do people afford that?"

Talha said: "Opening a window in a country like the UK will only bring in more moisture."

One user said: "Do I have this much time to spare each day? No."

Another said: "I won't be able to turn my heating on this winter due to the cost of living crisis… so no 18-21 for me."

Many people said that installing a positive input ventilation system is a much easier way to ward off mould.

One commenter said: "Include plants in your house as well.

"They soak up any steam and water droplets – since having them in my bathroom, I haven't got any more mould."

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