I’m a bottle girl – I showed the corset I’m wearing on Valentine’s Day and men suddenly want to visit my bar | The Sun

I’m a bottle girl – I showed the corset I’m wearing on Valentine’s Day and men suddenly want to visit my bar | The Sun

February 9, 2023

A BLONDE server at a club showed off the romantic pink corset she'll be wearing as part of her Valentine's Day uniform.

Male followers are lining up to visit her at work – even if the bottle girl sees one major issue with the outfit.

Most days, Brynn Baker (@brynnmariebaker) is totally comfortable in flattering, form-fitting silhouettes.

Scrolling through her TikTok, it's easy to see Baker's wardrobe includes snug dresses from Skims and a fitted black work ensemble.

Her holiday uniform, though, is another story.

In a video, Baker tried on her frilly, pastel Valentine's Day outfit for the first time.

She had been eager to model it for her followers and made sure to tell them the moment it arrived.

"My work uniform for Valentine's Day just came in the mail," she wrote in the video's caption.

In keeping with the holiday, Baker sported a pale pink corset covered in satiny details, ruffles, and ribbons.

With a sharp yank, she pulled some ties at the back of the corset, and cinched her tiny waist even further in.

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Baker grimaced on-camera and let out a deep exhale, blowing hair out of her eyes.

"How do I pour bottles if I’m gonna pass out from lack of oxygen?" she asked in the video description.

Even though Baker worried about the practicality of her new uniform, her followers were on board right away.

"Absolutely stunning, sweetness," one fan wrote.

"You are so pretty! I hope you know that," said another person.

Other viewers were intent on seeing Baker in real life for the most romantic day of the year.

"Where do you work?" an admirer pleaded. Others pledged to give Baker "all their money" if they patronized her bar.

Some viewers were even more suggestive in their commentary.

"Hopefully you won't have to wear that for too long," a flirtatious follower wrote.

Baker's fellow fashionistas chimed in with concern for her health – and tips on surviving a long night of corsetry.

"Girl, let them breathe a bit," a worried TikTok user wrote.

"It helps to breathe with your chest instead of your stomach," another woman suggested. "Praying for you."

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A particularly crafty commenter capitalized on Baker's struggle and used it in a clever pickup line.

"You're gonna suffocate, but tell me where you will be because I know CPR," the smooth operator wrote.

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