I'm a body language expert – six crucial steps to act like you love the Valentine's Day presents you actually hate | The Sun

I'm a body language expert – six crucial steps to act like you love the Valentine's Day presents you actually hate | The Sun

February 13, 2023

FROM roses to chocolates, many of us will be spoiled with special gifts from our loved ones this Valentine's Day.

But unfortunately, there may be a select few who find themselves spending February 14th trying to mask their disappointment at receiving a gift they really didn't want.

Thankfully to save any awkward encounters, body language expert Inbaal Honigman has spoken to Fabulous and listed six crucial steps to pulling off a believable and authentic surprise reaction.

To make it even more convincing, she's also shared how to follow the surprise up with a meaningful 'thank you.'

Really dislike your gift? Here are six key steps to mask the feeling with surprise:

Firstly, Inbaal says to raise eyebrows up and widen eyes unblinkingly.

"Eyes are the windows to the soul, and a wide-eyed look signifies surprise," she explains.


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Next, she says to send your limbs and facial features far and wide because "broad movements are welcoming and accepting, signalling you welcome the gift."

Then, the body language expert advises putting your shoulders up and arms akimbo, adding that "raised shoulders remind us of laughter and joy."

She goes on to explain: "Relax your jaw and allow the mouth to open up slightly making an O shape – a wide open mouth tells of disbelief."

Once these stages are complete, Inbaal says to turn to the thrilled gift-giver with all expressions, "hold the gaze and raise your voice higher to thank them."

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She adds: "Eye contact communicates sincerity and truthfulness."

The expert concludes by noting that because a surprise doesn't last long, it's important to ensure most of the steps are carried out quickly.

"Feel free to drop the act after a few seconds, or you'll seem to be over-egging it," she warns.

"As soon as you've expressed your surprise and joy, assume a relaxed posture again."

And to follow the surprise up with a meaningful thank you, here’s what you need to do:

Inbaal recommends clasping your hands together at your chest, in a gesture of gratitude, like the 'thank you' emoji.

"Narrow your shoulders in a perky way, like a little hug for one, this shows you feel affection for the gift giver," she continues.

"Then lower your eyebrows in a way that says 'you shouldn't have', to show that you find the gift more than acceptable."

Finally, she notes that with an 'awwww' etched all over your face, "use a deep, faux-sincere voice to express your thankfulness."

She concludes: "Your tone of voice communicates as much as your whole body, so speak in a calm, confident way."

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