I’m a bikini waxer and it’s so inappropriate to say you’re pretty ‘down there’ – we’re not here to judge your privates

I’m a bikini waxer and it’s so inappropriate to say you’re pretty ‘down there’ – we’re not here to judge your privates

February 17, 2022

A WAXER has slammed those of her peers who compliment people's "pretty" vaginas, insisting "we are not here to rate your privates".

Yeni Alvarez works at Xzeyla Rose Beauty – a skincare and brazilian wax specialist – and regularly shares ASMR videos on her TikTok page of her melting wax ready for her clients.

But in a recent clip, Yeni took aim at other waxers who comment on the appearance of clients' private parts, arguing that's not part of the job.

"There should be no reason in this world where you are getting a treatment on your private area and the service provider tells you that your private area is pretty or ugly," she said.

"It’s inappropriate and not professional.

"We’re not here to rate your privates – we’re here to help you improve yourself."

Those commenting on the video were largely divided as to whether or not such remarks are inappropriate or not.

"NGL (not gonna lie), if it was a compliment I’d never think twice about it," one person wrote.

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With someone else adding: "Same lmao, It would probably boost my confidence."

And a third concurred, writing: "Am I the only girl that would actually be flattered if someone called it pretty??

"Like girl you see so many a day and MINE is pretty?"

But another person argued: "yes!!! i would def feel uncomfortable."

"I cannot believe that actually happens my God," someone else wrote.

"If someone said anything to me about that….. I would literally scream! PTSD…. I can’t deal with that," a third person agreed.

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