I’m a bikini model – everyone assumes I photoshop my pics but I absolutely don’t need to | The Sun

I’m a bikini model – everyone assumes I photoshop my pics but I absolutely don’t need to | The Sun

December 5, 2022

A BIKINI model has clapped back at her online critics who assume that she edits her photos.

The TikTok creator subtly shows viewers that she doesn't need to and that her body is the same on and off camera.

TikTok content creator Brook has been working as a bikini model for years, so it's no surprise that she has a great physique.

Her dedication to her career also comes with maintaining a toned and lean body shape.

In a video, the blonde claps back at critics who say that she photoshops her photos and couldn't possibly look the same in real life.

To prove them wrong, Brook shows that she is filter-free in a respectful and simple way.


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The video begins with a screenshot of Brooke taken from her Instagram that shows her wearing a bikini top and white shorts as she casually poses and smiles.

Her long blonde hair is free and wild, while her toned abs are on display.

The words "She definitely photoshops her pics" are written at the top of the visual.

To exhibit that her photos on the social platform are au natural, she carefully switches to the live photo of the Instagram post and lets the live video play.

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It's apparent that there is a seamless transition because not only does the color match perfectly but her abdominal muscles look exactly the same.

Appropriately captioned "No ma'am," Brook slyly lets her viewers know that her photos are authentic and she is simply living her best life, unbothered.

Numerous people offered their two cents in the comment section of the video.

"I'll take your pics for you so people know it's not edited," one viewer commented.

"Definitely a cyborg humans just aren’t that cute," another added.

"I don’t care she’s gorgeous," another shared.

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