I'm a beauty whizz and here's what your mani reveals about your personality – and the one that makes you look rich | The Sun

I'm a beauty whizz and here's what your mani reveals about your personality – and the one that makes you look rich | The Sun

January 14, 2023

WHETHER it's the classic French manicure or longer acrylics, we all have a nail design we simply can never get enough of.

And according to one beauty whizz, it's all to do with your personality – and there's one all boss babes wear.

The lifestyle fan, Annie Shaffer (@anniekshaffer), took to TikTok to reveal her observations. So which one is your go-to mani?

Sharing her thoughts, the blonde insisted that those who typically opt for short almond nails are career-driver and tend to enjoy being active.

What about those who like growing their nails out and leave them without any varnish?

Annie reckoned it screams huge personality and you will most likely be one of the three – vegan, nudist or environmentalist.

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On the other side of the spectrum are beauty lovers rocking shorter nails with a bright rainbow manicure on top.

If that reflects you, Annie described you as ''super girly'', having ''deep emotions'' and possibly queer – not always though, she quickly added.

Just as wild over neon hues are manicure fans who love pink nails with dozens of charms glued onto their nails – and according to the whizz, you're ready to invest in your looks.

''She has a tonne of money. She cares a lot about her appearance. Very trendy.''

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Towards the end of the now-viral video was a set of extremely long acrylic nails covered top to bottom in shiny rhinestones and gems.

If this is your your pick, Annie insisted you have a huge personality and you tend to be quite fiesty.

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The last two numbers in the clip were more less-in-your face – short green nails and a light blue manicure.

The latter ones, she had observed, can often be described as calm and trustworthy, whereas the fans of the green hues have been blessed with great intellectual abilities and are more on the shy side.

Did she get it right? Let us know in the comments.

But what about your favourite perfume? Can it tell more about who you are? One expert certainly thinks so.

If you're a fan of Crystal Noir by Versace, The TikTok user and perfume connoisseur Ikhlas (@beauty_byib) reckoned you know a thing or two about style – you will always be well-dressed and come across as quite bossy.

Less bossy, in her eyes, are those who love Cloud by Ariana Grande.

This sweet and airy number is a firm favourite amongst the younger generation – Ikhlas was convinced you're most likely a young teenager or someone stuck in their early years.

''Teenage dream, forever young vibes,'' she chuckled in her video.

''It just smells a little too childish to me, but the scent is good.''

What about Delina Royal Essence, which can set you back by over a whopping £200 per bottle?

If you can afford the hefty price tag of the floral scent, you must be ''effortlessly elegant and put together'' at all times, the whizz thought.

A more affordable option is Pink Sugar, which retails for under £20 on Amazon.

But despite the tempting price, the shopper wasn't that keen on the aroma – she reckoned you're stuck in the early 2000s and needed to accept it's time to move on from the iconic era.

Just as popular is Black Opium by YSL – and this one, Ikhlas revealed, is the signature scent for all the party lovers.

''You love going out every night but you gotta stop.''

Another Yves Saint Laurent perfume that had made it on the list was the iconic Libre, the combination of floral and musky tones.

Just like the scent, you radiate summer and free-spirited energy.

''You smell like a summer love in Europe,'' the beauty fan said.

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This luxury perfume, Ikhlas had observed, is always worn by those who want to make a statement and want everyone to know they've arrived.

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