I'm a beauty guru and my tights hack will ensure you wake up with kink-free hair – it takes just minutes to do | The Sun

I'm a beauty guru and my tights hack will ensure you wake up with kink-free hair – it takes just minutes to do | The Sun

April 16, 2023

A BEAUTY guru has revealed how you can go to bed with straight hair – and wake up in the morning with it kink-free.

TikTok star Amber Castoreno shared her easy tip to make sure her shiny, brunette mane stayed straight and glossy overnight.

She shared the secret with her 262k followers, after one person asked: “But how do u go to bed when it’s straightened."

Holding a pair of tights up, Amber revealed: “First, you’ll need a pair of pantyhose and a pair of scissors.”

Explaining that quite a few people have shared this hack across social media, she said: “You cut the feet off, that’s what I did…” 

She then put the tights onto her head “like a headband” before putting her hand through the hole cut in the feet.


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“Next, you put your hand in and you’re going to come in and grab the hair,” she went on, threading half of her mane into the tights. 

After doing this to both sides, she wrapped each one across her head and tucked the ends into it.

She added: "Take care when doing this step to ensure each end is secure and won’t fall out when you go to sleep. 

“It takes me so long to straighten my hair, so this is perfect for the long hair girlies. If you have a big head, you should stretch this out first."

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Viewers were quick to comment on TikTok user @amberfashion’s hair hack as one person wrote: “i just tie my hair a bit looser in a low ponytail,” to which Amber replied: “Yeah I hate the dent in the back tho”. [sic] 

Another asked: “Wait can I do that without cutting them?” 

She responded: “Yeah idk how you would get the hair through the ends I got these from dollar tree tho !” [sic] 

When a third person questioned whether the trick would work with leggings instead of tights, Amber explained: “I think the fabric is what makes a big difference with frizz”. 

Meanwhile, others were thankful for the tip as one person wrote: “Definitely doing this, thank youuuu”. 

Another shared: “That’s smart,” as another chimed: “Omg this is so smart”. 

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