I'm a beauty fan & there's three makeup products that aren't worth the hype & one's a Charlotte Tilbury favourite | The Sun

I'm a beauty fan & there's three makeup products that aren't worth the hype & one's a Charlotte Tilbury favourite | The Sun

July 30, 2022

MAKE UP can be costly – especially when your products all need replacing at the same time.

But according to one beauty fan, some of the most raved about products really aren't worth the hype – or the hefty price tag.

Lauren, who posts under the acronym @beautywithLaur, took to TikTok where she shared a video and explains: "Products I'm getting rid of and why."

First up is Charlotte Tilbury's airbursh flawless finish powder, which retails at £36.

"Makes my foundation too matte, goes patchy and separates," she claims.

Next in the firing line is Milk pigmented blush, £17.


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"Not as pigmented as I'd like and the colour isn't my favourite," she says.

And last but not least is Spellbound colourpop super shock cheek highlighter – £6.88.

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"Great formula and does look great but I have Kaleidos for colourful highlighter which I prefer."

Lauren captioned the post: "The first one doesn't deserve all the hype imo."

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The post quickly garnered an impressive 109,000 views and was flooded with comments.

"Yes I can't stand the charlotte tilbury powder it does the same thing to my makeup, and idk what to use, wrote one.

A second commented: "Finally someone who doesn’t like the Charlotte Tilbury powder! I didn’t like it at all."

A third admitted: "I love the Ct powder. I just find you have to wait until your foundation dries down or it will separate."

Meanwhile, another penned: "I use the No7 pressed powder and I find it does the same as the Charlotte tilbury for the fraction of the price."

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A further added: "I love the milk blush but it disappears in seconds."

And one more person noted: "I’m so glad someone agrees with the milk blush."

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