I’m a baby sleep expert – how to stop your kid waking up every time you put them in their cot with one simple move

I’m a baby sleep expert – how to stop your kid waking up every time you put them in their cot with one simple move

January 18, 2022

AS a parent, there are few things more frustrating than your sound asleep baby waking as soon as you put them in the cot.

But according to a baby sleep expert, it could be the way you're putting them in the cot that's causing them to wake.

Lynda Harding, a mum of six and inventor of the SweetDreamers product range, took to TikTok to explain the best method of laying a baby in their cot to avoid them waking up.

"Putting your baby down so that their head and shoulders touch the mattress first can give them the sensation of falling and trigger the startle reflex even when they’re sound asleep," she said.

Instead, keep your baby as close to you as possible for as long as possible while leaning forwards towards the crib, and then put them down so that their "bum, back and then their head touches the mattress".

"Why not give it a try? This small change can make a big difference," Lynda concluded.

Many parents were quick to thank Lynda for the advice in the comments section of the video.

"It works for my 6 months old baby, thankful I found this video," one mum wrote.

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"Why wasn't this tip here when my baby was newborn?" another person wrote.

"Always done this and it works for us xx" someone else added.

Other suggestions to help babies sleep peacefully in the cot included putting a hot water bottle or heating pad in there before they go to sleep, to warm up the mattress so the baby isn't placed on a cold surface.

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