I’m a 68-year-old former supermodel – trolls tell me to ‘dress my age’ but I won’t, people say I look 'fabulous' | The Sun

I’m a 68-year-old former supermodel – trolls tell me to ‘dress my age’ but I won’t, people say I look 'fabulous' | The Sun

March 17, 2023

NO ONE is immune to troll attacks, including one of America's first supermodels.

Janice Dickinson can add artist and reality star to her list of achievements but her latest role has been fending off keyboard warriors.

They have accused her of not dressing appropriately for her age and felt the need to share their views with her.

But 68-year-old Janice Dickinson (@officialjanicedickinson) isn't one to go away quietly.

In her post, she addressed the army of nasty trolls, her long black hair in pigtails, and wearing a red bodycon dress.

Captioned across the screen was the trolls' jibe: “You should dress your age.”

Feisty Janice had just a one word response, repeated forcefully several times: "Whoa, whoa, whoa."

There was no way this woman was going to dress any differently or be cowed into submission.

That was never going to happen. “I’m just too avant-guarde," she said.

Many of her 181,000 followers loved her characteristic response, with at least two fans saying she looked "fabulous," and another putting her on a pedestal, comparing her to a "goddess."

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Comments to her post were incensed by the self-appointed fashion police, but also admiration for Janice's age-defying style.

“Bunch of haters. I swear you are pure perfection," opined one fan.

This follower advocated Janice's stance: “Just wear what you want," she said.

Finally, some good old-fashioned common sense from this viewer: “Age is how you feel. Stop living by that silly calendar. You’re an icon Janice.”

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