I’m a 34DDD and did a Skims bra haul – I feel ‘jiggly’ in the scoop style & the plunge's giving a whole lot of cleavage | The Sun

I’m a 34DDD and did a Skims bra haul – I feel ‘jiggly’ in the scoop style & the plunge's giving a whole lot of cleavage | The Sun

April 16, 2023

A SKIMS shopper ventured out of her comfort zone to try new bras from the brand.

She discovered a new favorite, but wished she had skipped other styles from one of Kim Kardashian's most popular collections.

On her YouTube channel, Crystal (@cjanine66) shares beauty hacks, style tips, and reviews of her favorite products.

In one recent video, she tried on four bras from Skims and there was a clear winner among her choices.

When her order arrived, Crystal was excited to see how things fit right away.

"I got a package from Skims!" she greeted her viewers. "I think this is my bra order."

Crystal explained that while she's a "true" 34DDD, she often buys "sister sizes" that are easier to find and give her more wiggle room.

"I'm a little wide up top, and my breasts are on the fuller end at the bottom," she explained.

"A 34 is a perfect, perfect fit if I put it on the last hook," she said, but in some brands, "My cup is a little bit overflowing."

All the bras she bought from Skims were 36DD (her "sister size") or insize large.

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The first item Crystal modeled was an everyday option: the No-Show Molded Unlined Demi in clay, $58.

First, she showed the bra without anything over the top.

There was a very small amount of "overflow" at first.

"Since it's a demi, I'm getting a little bump," Crystal said, but she quickly disguised it by adjusting her straps.

"I love the way this bra feels," she said.

She grabbed a Skims T-shirt in the same shade to test the "no-show" feature.

"You can't really see the bra, which I like," Crystal said, giving Skims her stamp of approval on round one. "Good job on the no-show."

Next up was the Naked Scoop Bra in onyx, $44.

As soon as she tried it on, Crystal wished she had some extra support.

"I feel a little jiggly in this," she said, tugging at the straps.

The shopper wasn't certain how to make the bra feel more supportive.

She pointed out the sculpted cup insets and wondered if larger ones would provide more support.

Or, Crystal said, she could've sized up and ordered an XL. "This isn't too bad, though," she said, satisfied with the scoop-neck silhouette.

The next bra, also from the Naked collection, was a different story.

"Here we have the naked plunge, which is what I was scared of because it's giving a whole lot of cleavage," Crystal confessed.

The Naked Plunge Bra, $44, left her desperate for more support once again.

Even though Crystal wasn't comfortable with the daring neckline, there were other things to love about the comfy bra.

"The material is really really soft," she said. But despite that praise, Crystal said her wear options were limited.

"This will just be an around-the-house bra," she said.

For her final fitting, Crystal returned to an old favorite: the Fits Everybody Unlined Underwire Bra, $44.

"I love this bra. I should have more of these, instead of the Naked ones," she said wistfully.

Crystal said that the bra represented a perfect intersection of support and a "sexy" silhouette.

While her "jiggle" can't be totally contained, Crystal said, the bra does a great job of making her feel supported.

"A lot of bras for larger-chested women, they probably don't fit under the category of 'sexy,'" Crystal said. "I really like this one."

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