I’m 26 and I turned £300 into a six figure business – I now live such a bling life and it was so easy | The Sun

I’m 26 and I turned £300 into a six figure business – I now live such a bling life and it was so easy | The Sun

July 29, 2022

ARE YOU fed up of working a boring 9-5 office job and barely having enough money once your bills are paid?

Well, we know the struggle so don’t worry, but one woman is proving that there is a way out, and it’s not as complex as you may think.

And don’t worry, you won’t need hundreds of thousands of pounds to get started either. 

Tired of working for other people, 26-year-old Miara, from Atlanta, Georgia, decided to start working for herself. 

The beauty fan had just $375 (£308) spare and decided to use it for an eyelash extension course.

Following on from this initial investment, Miara was able to create what is now a six-figure business. 

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Miara told Truly: “I invested $375 into a class and turned it into a six figure business.

“I do lashes here in Atlanta. I have my own lash studio. 

“I just spent about $30,000 renovating my salon.”

Miara’s eyelash company is called The Lash Vault and having such a successful business has completely transformed the beautician’s life.

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She continued: “My lifestyle has definitely changed. I was finally able to go and get a nice car.

“I always wanted Chanel slides and I was able to get some Chanel slides.

 “It definitely has changed my lifestyle a lot, but I still remain extremely humble for, you know, all of these things that I have been able to achieve.” 

Miara explained that she was already working in the beauty industry, so when the idea of the course came about, she took the gamble.

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She added: “Before taking my lash class I was already in the beauty industry, I did hair, I did makeup and I kind of applied strip lashes and I said oh well lash class for $375, cool, so I took the class.

“After I took it I didn’t immediately start doing lashes, I was terrible at it and I also hated it too. 

“I was in school full time and working multiple jobs so it took me a minute to get into it.

“I had gone through something very traumatic in 2019 – I had a tumour in my stomach. It was the size of a grapefruit.

“That was the year I was supposed to graduate  but I had to have surgery to have the tumour removed. I’ve come a long way.

“I moved into my first physical lash salon space around August of 2019.

“My second year of doing lashes in that suite I became very busy, to the point where I felt like I couldn't maintain my clientele anymore because I’m only one person, so that’s when I began to do research on hiring a person.

“Then one person turned into two people.”

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But Miara doesn’t plan to stop there – she is ambitious for the future and wants to continue expanding and growing her business.

She concluded: “Next stop Houston, definitely Miami, definitely California.” 

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