I'll only babysit for my grandchild if my daughter pays me £9 an hour… I work full time and I'm not a nursery

I'll only babysit for my grandchild if my daughter pays me £9 an hour… I work full time and I'm not a nursery

December 6, 2021

ANY parent will tell you that finding good, affordable childcare is a nightmare, so plenty of people look to family members to help out.

Really fortunate parents have relatives who are willing to lend a hand and live close enough to get stuck in.

But one grandmother explained that, while she's happy to babysit, she would expect to be paid £9 an hour for her time – a suggestion that has people divided.

The grandparent said that, as her daughter will soon go back to work from maternity leave, she's been asked take on the childcare for two or three days a week.

Taking to Reddit, she said: "[My daughter] works five days a week, about 7-8 hours a day from 7.30am-3pm, and asked me if I would be willing to babysit her son either two or three days a week."

In response, the grandmother said she'd be happy to but asked for an hourly wage of £9 in exchange for her time.

She explained that her daughter agreed to pay her mum for the childcare but asked if they could lower the rate to £7.50 an hour.

The grandmother said: "She claims that she cannot afford it, even with her $16.60-an-hour job.

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"I'm not a daycare, I have my own life, I work for myself and I think she should understand that I'd be giving up my time when I work from home, and if I'm going to be giving up that time then I need money to replace that time I'm giving up from my job."

The grandmother reasoned that by looking after her grandson, she'd have to lose income from her own work.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to share their opinion on the grandma's request.


One said: "Dude, just say you don't want to babysit. You're asking for over 2/3's of the money she's making pre-tax. Obviously she can't afford that."

Another said: "You should get paid. But you're an a**hole for trying to screw your daughter out of 2/3 of her pay cheque.

"Sure, she'll probably have to pay that at a daycare centre – maybe even more.

"But a centre comes with qualifications and certifications. Why do you feel like you deserve a pay rate almost equal to professional daycare workers?"

Dude, just say you don't want to babysit.

A third said: "Just say no. You don’t want to. That’s perfectly ok.

"Instead of being manipulative and trying to make out like you offered to help (which I’m sure is your goal, maybe tell your friends or post on social media about it). Just be honest that you don’t feel comfortable with caring for the child."

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