I worked in a nursery & now I'd never put my kids in one – good children are normally ignored for one | The Sun

I worked in a nursery & now I'd never put my kids in one – good children are normally ignored for one | The Sun

March 7, 2023

A FORMER nursery worker has revealed five reasons she wouldn't send her infant to daycare after her personal experiences of working in one.

First up, the concerned mum named Jordyn explains that she took issue with the fact that there's a four infants to one adult ratio.

"I have enough of a time dealing with one child let alone four, she says, in a video shared to TikTok (@jordynmae42).

Next, the ex nursery worker notes that good children are often "ignored" due to the demanding tasks.

According to Jordyn, these include feeding other children, nappy changes, cleaning toys, cleaning bottles and sleep check-ins.

"So good children are left to be by themselves and to play with other children," she explains.


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She goes on to highlight how "bad" children were often put in pack 'n plays with minimal toys so it was "easier and more convenient for caretakers."

Next, and which may be the biggest shock of all, Jordyn claims that parents aren't told the full story.

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"There was a situation at lunch where one kid was bothering another kid and one kid ended up getting bit," she recalls.

"The biter's parents were told it was provoked – that the other kid was being super aggressive and that a bite was almost warranted, whereas the parents of the kid who got bit were told it was completely unprovoked and the kid who bit him did it out of nowhere.

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"The sad thing was the kid who was the biter had to wait until all the other kids were done with lunch and had to eat lunch all alone and it was super sad."

Finally, Jordyn highlights how babies that suffered with colic were "left alone to cry in swings" until they just "got used to it."

She continues: "They were just ignored and put in swings.

"I did everything I could to pay attention to them but again, you're taking care of four other children so you have to care for their basic needs and that's literally all you can do.

"After two weeks I quit because it was super sad and I couldn't handle it."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 1.1 million views and several comments – with very mixed reviews.

"I worked at daycare, & I was horrified. I literally changed nappies all day, for all children because if I didn’t they sat in dirty nappies," wrote one.

A second commented: "Main reason: if my child can’t communicate with me about his day then he can’t go."

Elsewhere, another person argued: "I’m an infant teacher and am trained in what I do! I love it and my babes and I have a great bond.

"I hate that this is the labelled as all day cares."

A further noted: "The overall growth daycare gave my kids was off the charts.

"To each their own but I truly admire all daycare providers!!!!!"

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And one more added: "Our daycare has cameras that I can watch all day if I wanted.

"These things would never happen."

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