I worked at Walmart – what staff really mean when they say a sold-out product is ‘on the next truck’ | The Sun

I worked at Walmart – what staff really mean when they say a sold-out product is ‘on the next truck’ | The Sun

August 22, 2022

WHEN an item at your local Walmart is out of stock, don't get frustrated with the employee who says it's "on the next truck."

According to one ex-staff member, there's a surprising truth behind what may sound like an excuse about store inventory.

In a Reddit thread about store secrets from former employees, one shopper shared a frustrating scenario they run into at their local Walmart.

"Who all knows when the next truck carrying what a customer is looking for should/will arrive?" they asked.

The anonymous poster shared a hypothetical situation as an example: "Average joe goes in, finds they're out of Widget-X and asks around," they wrote.

Then, the employee responds with "It's on the next truck," a phrase the disgruntled customer said is "obviously horses***."

The original poster, an ex-employee who worked a number of different positions at Walmart, took the time to clear up a common misconception.

"Basically if you've seen those computer guns they carry (called Geminis), they can view the on-hands of any item, but also if the item is in transit," the former staff member said.

That's where there's truth to the statement "it's on the next truck," something many customers are skeptical about.

"So if you are looking for X item and the on-hands is 0 but in transit, it says 10, there is a good chance it will be on a truck within the next two days," they explained.

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A different commenter, who formerly worked at Staples, said their inventory management system works the same way.

Of course, there's a chance that you'll still have difficulty finding the item in question once it's restocked. The ex-Staples employee explained why.

"If there is a promotion for some product that we were out of, and we were getting two in the next load, and you don't get your a** here right in the AM, yeah it's probably gone," they said.

In other words, if you're waiting on an item that's in demand or has a special discount, make sure you head to the store as soon as it's back in stock.

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Depending on how many Walmart stores are in your area, it might make more sense to look for the item at a different location using the app.

Or, you can talk to the employee about buying online and shipping to the store or your home, and you'll avoid missing your chance to snap up a bargain.

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