I work at McDonald’s & there’s a request that customers make which is so annoying & drives all the staff absolutely mad | The Sun

I work at McDonald’s & there’s a request that customers make which is so annoying & drives all the staff absolutely mad | The Sun

October 20, 2022

FAST food giant McDonald's has added five new items to its menu, including mini potato waffles and a new McFlurry, but if you have plans to head down to your local any time soon, you’ll need to listen up. 

The restaurant chain is a favourite of many Brits, but it turns out that there’s something extremely annoying that many customers do, that drives the employees round the bend.

One McDonald’s worker, Sinead Poyser, took to TikTok to reveal the irritating thing that customers always do.

Sinead has 160.3k followers and 8.6million likes on the social media platform and regularly shares videos revealing what it’s like to work for the fast food giant. 

So if you’re a McDonald’s fan and can be a bit difficult when you order, prepare to be attacked. 

Sinead uploaded her clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘lol if you’ve worked in maccies you know the frustration’.

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In the clip, Sinead acts through a common scenario that happens with McDonald’s customers.

Sinead switches between acting as the customer and the McDonald’s staff in her now viral clip.

She says, as the customer: “Can I get a medium fries and an orange juice, but on my fries, can there be no salt, no salt whatsoever please, when I say no salt, I do not want any salt on my chips at all please”.

Sinead, the McDonald’s worker, replies “Yeah that’s fine”, as she tells her employee making the food “Got a fries no salt”.

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But the McDonald’s employee is not happy with this request, and replies: “You’re joking ain’t ya? You’re not joking? 

“Right so I’ve got to scrub this f*****g thing out for one medium fries? 

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“I've had it, I’m  f*****g done with this place”.

Not only do the McDonald’s staff find this request highly irritating, but it’s what the customer says next that really infuriates them.

Sinead gives the customer the food and asks: “Can I get you anything else?”, to which the customer responds “Oh yes can I have a couple of sachets of salt and pepper please?”.

The McDonald’s worker that has just made the fries with no salt comes bounding in and states: “Hold up, did I just hear that right, you want salt?”.

Sinead’s playful video has clearly made many chuckle, as it has racked up a whopping 2.5million views.

It has 387.6k likes, 1,518 comments and 7,147 shares.


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Other McDonald’s workers understood Sinead’s frustration, as they piled into the comments.

One person said: “I would actually cry”. 

Another added: “Hated when customers did this”. 

A third commented: “As soon as you said no salt I rolled my eyes at the memory”. 

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Someone else agreed: “Oh I know that feeling!!”

Another McDonald’s employee stated: “Happens to me all the time omg”.

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