I went out in the snow in heeled boots – it was a massive mistake, very painful & Christmas is ruined | The Sun

I went out in the snow in heeled boots – it was a massive mistake, very painful & Christmas is ruined | The Sun

December 14, 2022

SNOW has settled across the UK in a cold snap that has most people wrapping up warm, trying to get to work and school as normal, and treading carefully in the icy conditions.

While many have also been enjoying the festive snow, the cold weather has caused lots of disruption.

And for one young woman, the snow has been a particular inconvenience.  

20-year-old Leonie Smith revealed that she went out in the snow wearing heeled boots, but it was a massive mistake.

Leonie confirmed that she slipped on ice and not only did she fall over, but she chipped her front tooth and broke her wrist too.

Leonie has amassed an impressive 33.7k followers and 1.4million likes on TikTok and while she usually posts home, fashion and lifestyle content to the video sharing platform, her most recent clip saw her detailing her accident.

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She posted the clip with the caption ‘Christmas is ruined’ and said: “I have absolutely no idea how to even start this video, I don’t even know if it’s ever going to be posted so you may never see this but…”

Leonie then opened her mouth to show off her broken front tooth.

She continued: “It gets worse as well, I broke my wrist.

“What the hell…I have this [cast] on my arm for six to eight weeks.

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“It gets even worse, not only is it Christmas, it’s my 21st birthday in the middle of January.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Please don’t go out in six-inch boots, I beg.

“Christmas is ruined, I don’t even know what to do.

“I genuinely just want to cry, I’ve been crying all morning.

“It’s painful as well, because it’s quite high up, it’s quite sensitive.

“I’m having to drink through straws and I’m waiting on an emergency dentist appointment.” 

Leonie’s video has clearly shocked many, as it was posted just 21 hours ago, but has already racked up 41.8k views.

It has 3,495 likes, 52 comments and 47 shares.

TikTok users were stunned at Leonie’s accident and were quick to comfort her in the comments. 

One person said: “Oh my god! The floor is so dangerous! I slipped and have a broken nose currently 😭 wish you a speedy recovery!” 

Another added: “Omg Leonie!!!!! I hope you are okay, keep your chin up.” 

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A third commented: “Nah never stepping out in this weather ever again.” 

Whilst someone else joked: “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”

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