I went on holiday with my dad and best friend – they had sex & tried to hide it from me but I still caught them out

I went on holiday with my dad and best friend – they had sex & tried to hide it from me but I still caught them out

March 25, 2022

SHE'D hoped for a relaxing time away with her best friend.

But Autumn Ankerich's vacation took a VERY different turn when she found out that her closest pal had slept with her father – who they had gone to visit.

Stay-at-home mum Autumn, 21, realised something was amiss when she spotted a used condom wrapper on the floor of her dad's car.

And, knowing that it had only been her, her friend and her dad that night, she confronted her friend.

Initially, the pal told her that she'd just "made out" with her dad, but soon admitted that they'd had sex.

"I asked her why there was a condom wrapper on the seat and she told me she thought it was a dream,” Autumn told Jam Press.

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“I was pregnant at the time, so that’s why I wasn’t partying with her.

"She said that because I didn’t want to do anything, like drink with her, (I forced her to do it)."

The friends fell out over the sex-capade, and the next day Autumn's former pal "left me on the beach for another guy who was twice her age".

"I never saw her again after that," she continued.

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"She posted on Instagram a few weeks later, bragging about sleeping with my dad, but that was it.”

Autumn also opened up about the ordeal in a video on TikTok, which has been watched nearly 2 million times.

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In the clip, she's shown with her hand over her face, alongside the caption: "Thinking about the time on vacation I found a condom wrapper in my dad’s truck from the night before but he was only with me and ‘bff’ that night.”

She then proceeds to lip sync: "I wish I had a time machine."

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