I wear lingerie as an outfit – I think it’s a ‘vibe’ but some are worried about my ‘image’ | The Sun

I wear lingerie as an outfit – I think it’s a ‘vibe’ but some are worried about my ‘image’ | The Sun

January 26, 2023

ONE fashion fan got dressed up in her intimates.

TikTok style influencer Zoe showed viewers how to wear lingerie during the day, but some were concerned for her.

Zoe posted a video to her account (@zoeilanahill2) exposing her spicy look.

The blonde confidently stood in front of the camera.

She wore a brown satin bodysuit, wide-leg blue jeans, and a blazer draped over her shoulders.

Zoe said: "Go. Do it. Whoever said you can't wear lingerie out. Do it. Why not?"

"Look at this. It's a vibe."

Her brown bodysuit hugged her figure and propped her chest.

The top half of it had an underwire like a bra.

"It's just a bodysuit with a bit extra padding," Zoe proclaimed.

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She swept her hair back behind her shoulders.

Zoe's caption read: "This is your sign to wear lingerie out as an outfit."

Excited viewers commented to express their love for Zoe's creative outfit.

"Wow," one fan wrote.

An eager shopper said: Been thinking about this bodysuit for months. I am gonna get it right now."

"Love it," another admirer exclaimed.

While most seemed to like the lingerie look, others were critical.

"The world judges you based on image if that's the image you want to be judged," a skeptical individual warned.

A harsh TikTok user added: "Don't moan when u get cat called."

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