I waxed my daughter’s face after she got bullied in school – trolls say I’m harsh but it’s for the best | The Sun

I waxed my daughter’s face after she got bullied in school – trolls say I’m harsh but it’s for the best | The Sun

November 30, 2022

BEING a parent to a tween can be difficult. 

As a parent it's your job to guide them through the tough choices that lie ahead.

But what do you do when they start coming to you about their insecurities?

Are you obliged to help fix them or teach them to ignore it?

The Pease family is a family of 7 on Tiktok with over 214,000 followers. 

Ashlee and Steve Pease have five children and share family and home videos online.

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In a recent video Ashlee said that her daughter was getting bullied at school for the hairs she had on her face. 

Ashlee decided to aid her daughter in waxing the middle of her eyebrows and upper lip.

Ashlee said: “Okay guys so we're about to wax the middle of Giselle's eyebrows and she said people in school are teasing her about her mustache, which she doesn't even have a mustache .

She said: “She [Giselle] just has like a little bit of hair every girl has a little bit of hair right here but we’re gonna wax it because she wants it waxed, so let do this.”

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Ashlee supported her daughter in waxing the middle of her eyebrow but helping her apply and remove the wax

After three tries on the middle of Giselle's eyebrows Ashlee went in with a tweezer. 

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As she said: “We’re gonna take tweezers to the middle because those hairs are not coming out.”

Next Ashlee applied wax to Giselle's upper lip.

After a few tries Ashlee struggled to successfully remove the small hairs on Giselle’s upper lip.

Ashlee concluded: “She has some stubborn hairs.”

Ashlee said: “We’re just going to go to the professionals to get it done because obviously this way is not working”.

Many commenters were not impressed that Ashlee allowed her daughter to wax her face.

One commenter said: “I don’t like this mother energy, you are not a soft mother, looks very harsh in all ways. Change yourself urgent.”

Another commenter said: “Don’t wax it please”.

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Others thought Ashlee made the right decision.

One commenter said: "You did everything right! Told her it was normal and respected her decision. Some kids aren’t emotionally prepared."

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