I was sick of paying rent and skipping meals so now live in my car – my steering wheel doubles as my kitchen table | The Sun

I was sick of paying rent and skipping meals so now live in my car – my steering wheel doubles as my kitchen table | The Sun

August 2, 2022

A WOMAN has revealed that she moved into her Honda Civic in 2019 and has continued living in the vehicle ever since.

Nikita Crump documents her experience to her 1million TikTok followers, regularly posting day-in-the-life type videos, and answering questions about her living situation.

She says that prior to moving into her car, she was struggling to pay rent and would end up skipping meals so she would have enough money for bills.

Despite working two jobs, she was falling deeper into debt, and decided instead to move into her car, adding that she had to do this before so did have experience to prepare her for it.

She’s shared a number of safety tips on her TikTok page, including how she finds places to sleep at night.

Firstly, Nikita opens up satellite view on Google Maps, and then she looks for a nice neighbourhood, which she says can be done by looking for “swimming pools and large houses.”


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Then she zooms in to see if there are other cars parking on the neighbourhood’s streets. After checking this she drives to the area to check it out.

Once she knows she can blend in, Nikita says that she pulls over and gets ready for bed.

She also shows off her window covers she uses at nighttime to block out any views inside, these are handmade and “effective when it comes to stealth, safety and insulation.” 

“It’s totally inconspicuous,” she says in the clip. “Nobody knows I’m in here.”

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She says she also sleeps in car parks sometimes, and has signed up for house sitting so can sleep in a house for free sometimes.

In her daily routine videos, she shares how she uses gyms for showers and filling up water bottles.

And when it comes to eating meals, she has a small tray that attaches to her steering wheel for eating inside the car.

While Nikita is happy living in her car, most of her videos do come with a warning that “participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.” 

And with fuel costs seemingly constantly increasing, this life certainly isn’t for everyone, but Nikita says it’s still cheaper than paying rent and bills.

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