I was fed up with ‘being obese’ so I lost 40kg – I feel great, but people definitely treat me different now I’m skinnier

I was fed up with ‘being obese’ so I lost 40kg – I feel great, but people definitely treat me different now I’m skinnier

October 17, 2021

A GIRL has shared her incredible weight loss transformation after shedding 40kg in a year, but admits that people treat her differently now she's skinnier.

Over 12 months, she dedicated herself to overhauling her diet and picking up a new gym regime in order to lose weight, after growing tired of "being obese".

TikTok user @leneahmorrison has been sharing her weight loss journey with others on social media and reveals that now she's 40kg lighter, people definitely treat her differently.

She documented her incredible transformation in a video that has been watched by nearly one million viewers online, sharing a series of before and after pictures to highlight her weight loss.

"I was tired of being obese," she admits in the video, adding: "So I quit."

The girl revealed she has since lost 40kg (just over six stone), thanks to hitting the gym, but reaching her goal weight had been a tough road, with her suffering from hair loss along the way.

Her weight loss videos have racked up hundreds of comments, with one person asking if she's noticed at all whether she is treated differently.

They quizzed: "Do people treat you different now (nicer to you) after you lost the weight?"

She replied: "Yes, 100 per cent."

When the person revealed they too were losing weight and were excited to "be noticed", the girl responded: "It was a crazy feeling at first, like just being stared at more."

Curious to know more about her weight loss journey, another viewer asked: "Did you get any loose skin? I'm currently trying to lose the same amount."

"Yeah I did," the girl revealed, before insisting: "But it doesn't bother me."

She revealed that she managed to shed the pounds by following a calorie deficit diet – where you burn more calories than you eat in a day – and working out regularly.

Her efforts left others feeling inspired, as plenty of people praised her transformation.

"PROUDDD OF YOUUUU, honestly best feeling ever I was 110kg and now down to 89kg, still a bit to go but it's the best feeling hands down," said one person who could relate.

"Congratulations. I wish I had the mental strength for that," posted another, while a third commented: "I love how you said quit instead of lost, I'm going to use that."

A fourth added: "This is so impressive! Beautiful then and beautiful now."

One more shared: "Respect! I'm actually inspired and you look amazing."

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