I was dress coded at my son’s elementary school for having my ‘breasts exposed’ – they wildly overreacted | The Sun

I was dress coded at my son’s elementary school for having my ‘breasts exposed’ – they wildly overreacted | The Sun

December 24, 2022

ONE mother got in trouble for a ridiculous reason, but not at work, at an elementary school.

Ana Stover was dress coded by her son's school for wearing a top that revealed her breasts, and she thinks they majorly overreacted.

As a parent, you never think your children's administration will reprimand you.

But Ana was unexpectedly mistaken when she received a knock on her front door.

In her recent TikTok, she discloses the story behind her dress code at her son's elementary school and the consequences that followed.

After hearing about other parents getting dress coded at Disneyland, Ana wanted to explain how her situation was worse.

"I have y'all beat because I was dress coded at my son's public elementary school here in Eugene, Oregon," she admits.

Ana says she was picking her son up from school when it happened.

Instead of addressing her directly, the staff member chose to call Child Protective Services.

And it wasn't until they showed up at her door that she realized what had happened.

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The Child Protective Services worker told her: "This person at the school was concerned that my breasts were exposed."

Ana blinks in confusion and disbelief as she repeats what the worker told her.

"If you're curious, I did *not* get a free T-shirt," she writes.

In the following video, Ana exposes the outfit in question.

She's wearing sweatpants, slippers, and a short-sleeve low-cut T-shirt.

While the top may fall low on her chest, no cleavage or breast is exposed.

Some viewers didn't believe Ana's story.

"I've been on the internet long enough to not believe every story like this," a skeptical individual said.

Another critic demanded: "We need a part 2 with the outfit."

However, other individuals weren't too surprised this happened to Ana.

"Born and raised in Eugene. That whole thing tracks. Lol that’s Eugene," one woman admitted.

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"I lived in Springfield, Oregon a few years ago. They were strict about stuff like that. But calling CPS for that is ridiculous," a viewer commented.

One frustrated woman expressed: "I’d be changing schools , and making a very personal visit to said staff member."

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