I wanted to get a classic French mani before my holiday but it’s so bad – my nails look like Squashies | The Sun

I wanted to get a classic French mani before my holiday but it’s so bad – my nails look like Squashies | The Sun

August 14, 2022

A WOMAN was left with Squashies for nails after an appointment went horribly wrong.

Ahead of her holiday, the Manchester-based beauty lover who goes by Ruwbabes on TikTok, decided to treat herself to a cute mani.

In her head, she would leave the salon with a classic French manicure – a set so timeless, you can never go wrong with it.

But unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan, as the final result was so far off her expectations, the young woman took it to social media to share the major fail.

Captioned #thepressureisgettingworser, Ruwbabes revealed just how bad the manicure looked – and it's safe to say the viewers were left stunned.

Explaining why she didn't interrupt the beauty tech during the session, the woman said she didn't couldn't see the design properly.

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''The lighting in the shop fooled me so bad.''

Whilst many said they would cry if they had found themselves in a similar position, Ruwbabes claimed she was ''too stunned to speak''.

Seeing the monstrosity, eagle-eyed TikTok users then tried to break down what was wrong with the design – and they very quickly came to conclude that it was everything.

''It’s the base colour,'' said one person, to whom another replied disagreeing: ''It’s everything.''

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Someone else commented: ''It’s giving press on from Claire’s.

''But maybe that was the look I [they] were going for.''

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Finding a striking resemblance between the mortifying set and popular sweets, a fourth pointed out: ''They look like squashies.''

Others also joined in and said the woman should've demanded her money back.

''see in situations like this a refund is NEEDED!'' thought a viewer.

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However, despite the fail, there were also those who were quite keen on the design, for instance, this person: ''No but actually this is different and kinda nice!''

A second shared the same opinion: ''Nah I think their cute [sic].''

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