I wanted Abba lyrics tattooed on my tummy but got the words wrong… I'll never get another inking again

I wanted Abba lyrics tattooed on my tummy but got the words wrong… I'll never get another inking again

December 23, 2021

A TATTOO is for life so you want your inking to be perfect, right?

If you’ve had a tattoo, it’s quite likely that you’ve spent a while thinking about it and making sure it’s right.

Well, one woman was left horrified when she got her favourite Abba lyrics tattooed on her ribs, but quickly realised she got the words wrong, after it was too late.

Sophie Croft took to TikTok to share her tattoo story and posted the video with the caption ‘Got the wrong word tatted on me. never getting another tattoo in my life’.

Sophie got a lyric from the ABBA classic, Slipping Through My Fingers tattooed onto her ribs.

If you’re a Mamma Mia fan you’ll recognise this song from the lead-up to Sophie’s wedding, when Donna is helping her get ready for her big day.

But Sophie made an error and got the lyrics confused and is left with a tattoo to tell the tale.

She said: “Not me realising I got the wrong lyrics tattooed.”

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The famous Abba lyric is ‘I let precious time go by’ but Sophie actually got ‘I let precious time slip by’ tattooed onto her ribs.

She said: “It’s ‘go’ not ‘slip’”.

And Sophie’s tattoo isn’t small either, so is not one that she can cover up.

It’s clear that many people are shocked by Sophie’s story, as her video has racked up a whopping 575.4k views.

It has 70.9k likes, 278 comments and 118 shares.

Many TikTok users were horrified at Sophie’s blunder and took to the comments to reflect this.

Someone commented: “That’s rough” to which Sophie responded “Currently crying with anger.”


One person said: “Crying for you.”

Another added: “Worst nightmare.”

A third added: “You probably got confused because of the lyrics slipping through my fingers. its cute and unique though.”

Another commented: “The lyrics slipped through your fingers.”

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