I wanted a cute French manicure but it went terribly wrong – I paid £35 and they look AWFUL | The Sun

I wanted a cute French manicure but it went terribly wrong – I paid £35 and they look AWFUL | The Sun

July 31, 2022

THERE’S NOTHING worse than going to a nail salon to get your nails done and walking out leaving disappointed.

Well, one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal what happened when she went to get a French manicure and the result was definitely not what she was expecting. 

Leah Gabell had asked a nail technician for a glamorous French manicure – something very pretty and elegant.

But Leah was horrified when she looked at her finished acrylic nails and saw that they were far from what she had asked for. 

Leah’s nails were not pretty and dainty like she hoped, but instead were messy and looked nothing like what she had in mind. 

The base of the nail was far pinker than what she wanted and the tip of the nail was much thicker than she was expecting. 

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And to make matters worse, although Leah hated her nails, she revealed that she felt too awkward to say anything to the nail artist, so paid and left. 

And her nails weren't cheap – Leah revealed that she paid £35 for her messy manicure.

Leah uploaded a video to TikTok showing off the nails that she had asked for, followed by an image of the nails she ended up with, showing a very clear difference between the two. 

Leah said: “Social anxiety kicked in and I was focused on not crying and then as soon as I walked out I just burst into tears.” 

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The beauty fan’s video has clearly got numerous people in hysterics as it has racked up 67.5k views.

It has 4,291 likes, 89 comments and 50 shares.

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TikTok users were left shocked at Leah’s nails and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “What are thossssee.” 

Another added: “I can’t believe you paid omg.”

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A third commented: “Omg tell me this is a joke!!!!!?????!!!?”

Someone else added: “I would of sat there until they sorted because they are not ok.” 

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