I want my bridesmaids to pay for a spa break for me instead of a hen do – they don’t get to come, but I need pampering

I want my bridesmaids to pay for a spa break for me instead of a hen do – they don’t get to come, but I need pampering

February 25, 2022

A BRIDE has caused controversy by asking whether or not she'd be unreasonable to tell her bridesmaids she wants a solo spa break instead of a hen do.

Not only would she not be inviting her bridesmaids to the pampering break – she'd also expect them to donate the money they would have spent on a hen do to go towards her spa weekend.

The woman took to Reddit to question whether she'd be in the wrong to make the request, writing: "I have nowhere else to ask this. Would going on my bachelorette party by myself be weird?

"Like ask the girls to pitch the X amount of money they would have paid for their flight to even get to where I am for me to just spend a weekend pampering myself?"

She concluded her post by writing: "I just have girls that live allll over, they have kids, but I just feel like this would be easier and less stressful for me to just do it this way."

The post quickly attracted comments from people weighing in on her situation, with one writing: "Contribute the cost of what flights would have been? Really?? How fancy is this damn spa!?"

"Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC charges $520 for a 110 minute facial, $140 for a 50 minute pedicure and $210 for a 50 minute massage," another person replied.

"It includes a spa pass to the amenities which you can buy for $200 if you don’t want any services. So Spas can be crazy.

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"Not as crazy as expecting all your bridesmaids to pay to send you on a solo vacation though!"

Someone else added: "I hate attending bachelorette parties, but I also would rather just keep my money…

"It’s okay not to have one, but why the heck do I have to pay for your expensive spa?"

And another comment read: "The point of a bachelorette party is for the bride and her close friends to go celebrate and strengthen their friendship before you get married… now what YOU want is a vacation.

"So is it OK for you to ask your friends to Pay for your all expenses vacation before your wedding that they are not invited to? (on top of all the other things they’re going to do and expenses they’re going to pay for your wedding).

"Yes it’s wrong. Don’t even mention this or somebody’s going to probably drop out of your wedding.

"If you wanna vacation go take one."

And in response to that post, someone replied: "People have forgotten the TRUE purpose of Bachelor and Bachelorette parties and you hit the nail on the head."

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