I used a psychic to find my dream man, she told me he’d be called Adam so I went to extreme lengths to find him

I used a psychic to find my dream man, she told me he’d be called Adam so I went to extreme lengths to find him

January 30, 2022

WHEN Celina and her ex-boyfriend broke up, she turned to a psychic for help.

The TikTok user, celinaspookyboo, explained what happened in a video that's been watched two million times.

Celina, from the US, is well known on TikTok and her long-term partner Adam often makes an appearance in her videos.

Many people have questioned how the pair, who seem perfect together, met, so Celina revealed in a video how she and Adam became an item thanks to the help of a psychic.

She said: "I had just broken up with another Adam, and I was not playing any more dating games thank you.

"So what did I do?

"I called up a psychic, mhmm.

"So I sit down across from Karen (the psychic) who smells like forty packets of cigarettes, I don't know why, but I trust her.

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"I say 'hey, I don't want to play no games I want to know who I'm going to marry, I don't care who they are, what they like, what's their gender, who am I going to marry?'

"I want commitment."

As Karen takes a sip of her whisky sour and stares into Celina's soul, she tells Celina: "You will marry an Adam.

"He will have brown hair and blue eyes, he will be older than you and not your type at all."

With this information to go off, Celina went off to find the Adam her psychic spoke about.

She reached out to all of her friends and found someone who knew someone who fitted the description of her psychic's reading, and says it was as simple as that.

"Bing. Bang. Boom.

"It's been thirteen years."

Celina explained that people lose their absolute minds when they find out how she and Adam met.

Users loved Celina's story. One wrote: "You really said: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"

"You really listened and got to the point, you said no more delays universe, this is my man, let’s find him! Loooove it!" Exclaimed another user.

A third person commented: "That is one of the best stories I have heard so awesome how she got it right."

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