I tried on the viral Skims bodysuit but it was a huge fail – I'd be removed from the internet if I showed me in it | The Sun

I tried on the viral Skims bodysuit but it was a huge fail – I'd be removed from the internet if I showed me in it | The Sun

June 14, 2023

A WOMAN who finally caved in to the Skims hype claims she will not be buying from them again.

Kim Kardashian's Skims brand is notorious for being a staple outfit provider and is best known for its shapewear.

But one Irish woman was left in disbelief after opening up her package and seeing a very skimpy bodysuit that she doesn't seem to think would cover much.

She took to TikTok, under @justinestaffordcomedy to show off the purchase, but spent more time cracking up and staring at in disbelief rather than reviewing it.

In the hilarious clip, she said: "Right.. I bought one of these Skims yokes because everyone is f*****g going on about them and how great they are so I’m going to try it on. I haven’t even opened it."

Taking it out of the package for a first look, she simply said: “Oh jaysus.” 

Holding it up with an extreme look of confusion on her face, she added: “I don’t know what kind of a one I got. That’s like a f*****g swimsuit. 

And after noticing the tiny little thong at the bottom she simply said again: “Ah jaysus.”

Bursting out laughing, she exclaimed: “What did I buuy. That wouldn’t cover one of your cheeks.

"That wouldn’t cover your crack never mind the cheeks on your arse.” 

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Taking one last look at the hilarious purchase in front of her, she declared: “ Ah I think I bought the wrong yoke what the f**k is this.” 

Holding it up against her body in disbelief she laughed and said: “Right, I’ll try it on and say a prayer.”

But it seems like the ensemble was even more scandalous looking than she might have originally thought as she couldn’t even show the footage. 

She said: "Yeah I actually can’t show you the after footage of this video."

Plenty took to the comments in hysterics at the funny video, with some claiming they also had no idea what she purchased.

One said: "Girl what one u buy. never seen this haha."

Justine replied: "I think they sent the wrong one tbh."

A second person joked: "If all else fails you can always… floss with it??"

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Another said: "Jaysus I wouldn't get that past me ankles."

A fourth chimed in and added: "The look on your face when you saw the bottom of it."

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