I totally transformed my peeling bathroom for £130 – B&Q's stick-on tiles made a huge difference | The Sun

I totally transformed my peeling bathroom for £130 – B&Q's stick-on tiles made a huge difference | The Sun

June 17, 2023

A DIY fanatic has revealed how she gave her old bathroom a glow-up using stick-on tiles and a fresh layer of paint.

Mum Laurie, from Wales, took to TikTok where she proved you don't need to fork out a fortune for a stunning home transformation – all you need is £130 and some basic DIY skills.

The crafty mum had initially set herself a budget of £100 but during the project realised she needed more packs of stick-on tiles for the flooring, as well as a new toilet roll holder.

To ensure she was ready to renovate the bathroom, Laurie headed to her local B&Q to do all the shopping and nabbed heaps of items.

These included several hand towels, a bath mat, as well as door knobs, tiles and some paint.

Armed with all the necessary equipment, the DIY fanatic set off to work, sharing the process on TikTok.

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Before the glow-up, the bathroom had poorly fitted vinyl flooring, peeling paint, powder pink walls and baby blue coving.

''She really had a lot going on.''

Laurie first started by doing a thorough clean and taking out anything that was easily removable.

She then moved onto prepping the walls by scrapping the peeling paint and sanding those areas in order to avoid any issues in the future.

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Satisfied with the walls which she then also gave a fresh layer of paint, the DIY lover began working on the outdated flooring.

This, however, took a while, as the previous occupant of the property had had what she jokingly described as a ''silicone party''.

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While the new coving was drying, Laurie taped up the tile border, which had become ''very yellow'', and painted it with white paint.

In total, the mum spent roughly four hours painting the bathroom, including the ceiling.

Next morning, Laurie woke up with an urge to complete the flooring, so at 7am she began applying the stick-on tiles.

''These are absolute piece of cake to use – but cutting around the edges was driving me up the wall.''

Proudly revealing the final results, the mum said: ''The little vase, pampas and jars – things like that I already had in the kitchen cupboard, so no extra money spent there.

''I am so happy with how this turned out.

''It just feels like a lovely bright room to go into no,'' she exclaimed in the video.

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