I splashed £3.7k on bright white Turkey teeth – trolls say I'll regret it but I don't care, I'm buzzing with my smile | The Sun

I splashed £3.7k on bright white Turkey teeth – trolls say I'll regret it but I don't care, I'm buzzing with my smile | The Sun

January 26, 2023

A MAN has revealed that he flew to Turkey and spent a whopping £3,700 on a set of pearly white teeth.

Cheffy Dee, from Manchester, took to TikTok to open up on his dental journey.

He explained that he spent almost £4,000 on his teeth transformation and is “buzzing” with his new smile. 

He is just one of many who have jetted abroad to get their teeth done, in a trend that has been dubbed "Turkey teeth".

The TikTok hashtag "#TurkeyTeeth" has reached more than 130 million views.

Several reality TV influencers and celebrities have also had veneers done, including former Love Island star Jack Fincham and Katie Price.

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The procedure of having veneers done can be aggressive and invasive to teeth – as they require almost 70% of your teeth to be filed down.

Cheffy shared his video with the caption 'Don't go Turkey, your teeth are fine 😅’

In the clip, Cheffy shared pictures of his teeth prior to the procedure.

He revealed that people told him: “Don’t go [to] Turkey, you’ve got perfect teeth.”

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However, Cheffy was determined to give his teeth an upgrade and so jetted abroad to get them done.

He shared an image of him after he had his teeth filed down and later posted a variety of pictures and videos of him proudly showing off his new, bright white smile.

Cheffy explained: “Buzzing with the result.” 

He later confirmed that he had his veneers in a “natural” shade and said that it was a 0/10 pain whilst in the chair, but a 7/10 pain when recovering. 

His video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 878.2k views.

It has 52.1k likes, 619 comments and 475 shares.

While some TikTok users complimented his new smile, others thought that he would later come to regret his decision. 

One person said: “Incoming regret loading, slowly but surely.” 

Another added: “The crowns were so unnecessary.” 

A third commented: “Noooooooooooo 😣” 

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Meanwhile, another user posted: “This should be illegal…” 

Whilst someone else joked: “They look like they glow in the dark.” 

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