I snapped up an old banger for £450 on Facebook and gave it a simple glow up – it was the easiest £1K I've made | The Sun

I snapped up an old banger for £450 on Facebook and gave it a simple glow up – it was the easiest £1K I've made | The Sun

July 28, 2023

A THRIFTY Facebook Marketplace user has revealed how he forked out £450 for an old vehicle to then sell it, making a huge profit.

Car enthusiast only known by the username @killingit007 has set himself a challenge of turning £500 into an eye-watering £100k by flipping second-hand vehicles on social media.

So far, he's managed to rake in from 11 cars, the latest of which, an old 2010 Hyundai, cost him £450.

According to the thrifty shopper, the bargain deal had one-month M.O.T., 89k miles on the clock and the black car also came with a part service history.

Showing off the cheap buy, the motor enthusiast said in the video: ''The body work wasn't in the best condition, it had a long scratch across the driver side door.''

The Hyundai vehicle, he added, was also in a desperate need of a ''deep clean'' inside, as there were crumbs and marks all over the interior.


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As well as taking the car for M.O.T., the TikTok user also forked out £30 for two tyres, engine oil, oil filter and air filter.

The following step was heading for a thorough clean at a local petrol station, where he jet-washed it himself.

''The car was so dirty, I had to make sure it was done properly.''

He added: ''I proceeded with polishing the headlights and the rest of the car as well to get rid of the little scratches, so it can look the best it could.''

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To deep clean the old vehicle, the man had asked for an extra pair of hands – but despite having his friend there too, the process took a whopping four hours.

All happy with how the car was looking, the man then took snaps of the vehicle, listing it on Facebook Marketplace for almost £2k.


Within an hour, he had received a lot of interest, with ten people inquiring about purchasing the black Hyundai.

''I ended up selling it to the first person who came to view it,'' revealed the man, adding he had just make £1,850.

As the final expenses, including fuel and road tax, totalled up to £809, the man revealed he had made a profit of more than £1k.

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