I refuse to give up my annual leave for a coworker with kids – the full story has people divided

I refuse to give up my annual leave for a coworker with kids – the full story has people divided

April 8, 2022

EVERYONE wants to be able to take off of work when they desire to, but one woman has supposedly become so concerned about her vacation days that her case has been taken to human resources.

The person who reported her claimed the woman wouldn't stop harassing them about changing their vacation dates to accommodate her – and people have a lot to say.

"I am not sure about other companies, but in the company I work for and in my department, when more than two people apply for the same leave slots, we decide who gets the slot by drawing lots," the person who opened up about the predicament wrote in an anonymous post to Reddit.

"So this year, I got the slot of my choice (HOORAY!).

"We do this at the start of every year."

The poster went on to ay that the last two years have been "really mentally and physically exhausting" for them and they were quite excited to spend "quality time" with family and friends who are located overseas in another country.

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However, the poster claimed to have a huge predicament: Another colleague is jealous of their time off and has continuously been bombarding them with requests to give up their days so they can have the time instead.

The woman thinks this is a fair ask because she has a husband and kids she says she needs to spend time with.

The poster said the woman at first was nice about it and tried to drop hints, but then became hostile and even said: "You don't even have any children, so why do you need that slot?"

In an attempt to get her to back off, the poster told the woman she can contact human resources if she feels her complaint is strong enough.

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And when the woman continued to nag the poster about the issue, they warned her that if she brought it up one more time, they would report her to human resources.

The woman did not listen.

"A couple of hours later, during my lunchtime, another colleague of mine came to talk to me about giving up the slots as the other woman is pregnant with her fifth child and that I should be more understanding and give up my slots to her so that she can spend time with her children before her fifth child comes along," the poster claimed.

"I told her: 'Well that sounds like a personal problem.

"'I have no obligation to give her what I rightfully won.

"'Also, tell her that I would be reporting both of you to human resources.'"


The poster's latest update to the Reddit story said that they are simply waiting for human resources to get back to them about the situation.

The user also thanked anyone who sided with them, but there were some mixed responses.

On one hand, people reminded the user that they won the days off fair and square and don't owe the woman anything.

"As a working mother, I never expected special treatment.

"Single and child-free folks have family too, and their need for downtime is no less important than mine," one supporter wrote.

"It was her choice to have children and no one's fault that you got approved for time she wanted," another added.

A third reader shared the same sentiment, writing: "I hate when people use their kids as an excuse to get something they want.

"You won the dates for your time off fairly, go an enjoy your time off."

However, others questioned and complained about the company's time off policy.

"Ballot is a ridiculous system it should just be first to ask gets it," one person stated.

"Maybe suggest to have a better alternative.

"Or a fair rotation every year," another reader recommended.

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And despite the disapproval of the time-off system, several people pointed out that lottery systems are necessary for some professions, like healthcare.

On the bright side, the poster knows they have vacation days ready to go and it appears they will be seeing their family and friends soon enough.

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