I put my wedding dress up for sale… one man said he’d be embarrassed for his daughter to be seen in it & there was more | The Sun

I put my wedding dress up for sale… one man said he’d be embarrassed for his daughter to be seen in it & there was more | The Sun

December 19, 2022

WEDDING dresses can cost thousands and to make some of it back, one woman decided to put hers up for sale.

But little did she know things would soon escalate and there would be major drama; one she then shared on TikTok, leaving people in hysterics.

Mum-to-be Emma Morris (@emmmorris) said she had posted an advertisement of her gorgeous dress on the biggest local group online.

But within a minute of her uploading the snaps and the description, Emma received a comment by a bloke who said he'd be ''embarrassed'' to see his daughter wearing such thing.

Then the fellow female members of the page flocked to comments to hit back at the man, where one woman said she'd be embarrassed to have him as her dad.

Seeing the nasty comment, someone else then reminded to keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say.

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Sharing a screenshot of the drama that had escalated, Emma said: ''All the ladies of the town have my back.

''They're saying how lovely it is and it's actually really nice for them to support me.''

But then moments later another man deemed it necessary to share his opinion.

In his eyes, the dress – a breathtaking number of lace mesh detailing – was too revealing and ''doesn't leave much to the imagination''.

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All this drama later, Emma revealed in her video, she still hasn't sold the dress – so if you're after one, it's available.

Hitting back at the first man, Emma chuckled, saying she wished his daughter was the one to buy her dress.

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''And you know what? I will give it to you for free.''

Looking back at the hilarious situation, the mum-to-be wrote in the caption: ''Town selling groups are lethal.''

And it's safe to say, social media users were in stitches, with hundreds flocking to comments.

''This sort of drama is the only thing that keeps me from deactivating Facebook,'' one couldn't stop laughing.

Someone else said: ''Such a beautiful wedding dress. If I was to get married I’d be buying one like this.''

Another agreed: ''I had someone on here say my wedding dress was hideous! Some people are so rude. Your dress is beautiful.''

Unfortunately, Emma is not the first one who's been trolled for her wedding dress – recently one woman's dress was compared to a ''toilet roll cover''.

Camille Lescai is a merchandise planner, digital content creator and self-proclaimed "CEO of wearing pink."

Her TikTok boasts over 4,000 followers under the handle @camillelescai.

She took to the social media platform to reveal her chic wedding gown, which garnered a lot of love and some hate from trolls.

"My wedding dress was a total secret up until the day of," she wrote on the video.

First, she showed the bridal party all wearing white — a color typically designated for the bride — and covering their eyes.

"Wait for it," she added.

The next scene showed the bridal party with looks of shock on their faces.

The jaw-dropping bride revealed her tiered one-shoulder pale rose pink wedding gown.

She paired the breathtaking look with the Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump by Mach & Mach, retailing for $1,177.

"Wedding dress reveal!" she added in the caption. "Absolutely no one saw the dress until the day of, it was worth the wait!"

Not everyone was happy for Lescai, as some trolls spewed hate in the comment section of the feel-good video.

"Do you remember those crochet toiletroll Barbie that dad had at the hat rack in the car?" one hater wrote, suggesting her dress resembled the toilet roll.

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Lescai didn't let the naysayers rain on her parade.

"Not everyone can be Blair Waldorf," she wrote in the comment section.

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