I panicked about early menopause so froze my eggs – I got pregnant quick & now I'm terrified of birth, says Jess Wright

I panicked about early menopause so froze my eggs – I got pregnant quick & now I'm terrified of birth, says Jess Wright

January 27, 2022

SHE HAS recently revealed she is expecting her first child, a baby boy – but now ex-Towie star Jess Wright, has opened up about her fears of giving birth and becoming a mum. 

Speaking on the Fabulous podcast, Things I Told My Daughter, ex-Towie star Jess Wright, 36, reveals all on early menopause, egg freezing and her pregnancy journey. 

Talking to host Peta Todd, reality TV favourite Jess, says: “I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm terrified.” 

The former Towie star announced last November that she was expecting her first child with husband William Lee-Kemp. 

Jess and William married in September in Mallorca surrounded by friends and family including her brother Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan, and it was just six weeks later they revealed they were expecting.

But Jess and William’s journey to pregnancy hasn’t been smooth sailing and with fears of early menopause on the horizon, they made the decision to freeze Jess’ eggs.

Jess decided to freeze her eggs after her mother Carol, 61, went through the menopause at the age of 41, while her late grandmother Pat also went through early menopause.

Jess says: “It was for precaution, because basically my mum went through menopause quite young. And so did my nan Pat.

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“And I'd heard of some girls that go through it like five years before their mum, when they go through it early. So I just started panicking that because of the pandemic, if the wedding was going to have to be postponed, again, that I could go into early menopause at any point. 

“And I know it's a bit dramatic. But you know, when you go down a bit of a rabbit hole when you do the research, and then you start panicking, and we were in a position where we could do it. So we just thought to ourselves, let's just do it. 

“But not only that, but my eggs would be a lot better quality at a younger age. So we didn't know how long it would take us to fall pregnant. And you know, if we want two or three, then at least my eggs will be better quality, hopefully, younger so we can always use them in the future.”

After fears that she would go into early menopause, Jess is determined to raise as much awareness about it as possible.

She says: “We don't really talk about the menopause so much. It's starting to change a little bit more now. But it's only now that I'm sort of in my mid 30s that I've spent this last however many years just blinkered to actually what the menopause looks like, and that it's coming for us all at some point. 

“I feel like we grow up going, ‘Oh, I'm gonna get married and have loads of kids’, and actually, in reality, it's not that easy. And I think back then people would have children a lot younger, whereas now women have more options and opportunities. A lot of us want to have them later on in life so that we can enjoy ourselves and go out and fulfil our dreams and everything else. 

“It definitely, definitely should become less of a taboo subject and something that women should be made aware of very young. I want to make girls aware of it, because a lot of girls would be sitting there thinking, ‘You know what, she's right. I'm 35. My mum went through it young, maybe I should consider freezing my eggs’.” 

Although Jess made the decision to freeze her eggs, the couple ended up getting pregnant naturally and very quickly.

Jess explains: “We froze our embryos last year, but then we didn't actually have to use them because we fell naturally. Very, very, very quickly, which is crazy.” 

Jess’s pregnancy has been a rocky one but she’s enjoyed spending her time chilling on the sofa in the lead up to the big day. 

She says: “I've been okay, I've been up and down. I've had nausea on some days, and then some days I feel absolutely fine. It's just the weirdest thing. It almost feels like a hangover without the drinking. 

“To be honest, I just spend the days at home watching TV on the sofa. So really, it's a perfect excuse to eat carbs and just chill out. I've had quite an easy pregnancy. I haven't actually been sick with it. So that's always a good thing.” 


Becoming a mum is an exciting but daunting process and Jess is by no means immune from these feelings.

She continues: “Everyone says that you lose your freedom as soon as that baby's born for about 25 years. We just kind of take every day as it comes – one day we will feel excited. The next day, we feel overwhelmed, but I am really excited. 

“I'm very maternal anyway. I've always loved kids, and I love kind of like taking care of someone. So I think it should be amazing, but it's definitely definitely scary.”

Speaking about giving birth, Jess adds: “I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm terrified. But I think every woman knows that it's going to come out one way or another.”

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