I paid £180 for my hairdresser to give me golden blonde locks but what I walked out with was NOTHING like that

I paid £180 for my hairdresser to give me golden blonde locks but what I walked out with was NOTHING like that

March 2, 2022

WHENAamie, from Melbourne, decided it was time for a change of hairstyle she knew exactly what she wanted.

She showed her hairdresser a picture of gorgeous golden waves and asked if it would be possible to recreate the look on her.

The hairdresser, who had a 5-star rating, assured Aaime that she'd be able to give her the same lovely locks as the picture.

But what she walked out of the salon with left her looking more like Elmo than the cool beachy style she was after.

The finished look left the hair hopeful mortified, "If I don't laugh, I'll cry." She joked on the viral video.

Leaving her roots bright red and the ends of her hair completely fried, the finished look was less than stunning.

Horrific highlights made the hair-do look outdated and cheap, a million miles away from the luxurious style she wanted.

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What made it worse is that the disaster cost a whopping £180. "I don't remember asking to look like Ronald McDonald." Aamie joked with viewers of the video.

Coughing up the cash, the hair hopeful soon realised that her hair was damaged beyond repair and went back the next day to beg for a refund.

Not wanting to ruin her 5-star rating, the hairdresser soon refunded the money, but Aamie's hair was left it tatters.

Viewers of the video could relate to the massive hair fail, "this is why I always do my hair myself. You can't even trust professionals."

"OMG!" another said, "the same thing happened to me and I ended up having to go somewhere else to get it fixed!"

Another was in a similar position adding that, "quite literally the same thing happened to me with the same reference photo, except she didn't refund me!"

Other hairdressers were shocked: "Why didn't she just say she couldn't achieve that for you, instead of frying your poor hair!"

In other hair fails, this person "wanted a cute, short haircut but it’s so bad, people say I look like a ‘little lad’"

And this: "I asked my husband for an edgy undercut…he did me so dirty people say it looks like the WiFi signal"

Finally, this at home hair bleaching fail ended so badly.

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