I named my son after a Grey's Anatomy character – some people love how unique it is but others are less than impressed

I named my son after a Grey's Anatomy character – some people love how unique it is but others are less than impressed

January 21, 2022

A MUM who named her son after her favourite character in medical drama Grey's Anatomy has divided opinion with the unique moniker.

Emily Buterakos took to TikTok earlier this week to tease the name, sharing a video of herself cradling her son and writing alongside it: "We named our son after a Grey’s Anatomy character.

"Can anyone guess his name? (Here’s a hint! It’s someone’s last name)."

She then returned to the social media site for the "name reveal".

And while the majority of people had guessed Avery or Sloan as the tot's name, Emily and her other half actually went for a less obvious choice.

In a video alongside her son, she asked him: "What's your name?"

"DeLuca!" he replied.

She then asked if he likes his name, to which he answered "Yes", and asked him if he knew where his parents had got the idea for his name from.

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"From the TV," he said, before she asked if "that was OK with you" – to which he answered "Yes" again.

In the comments section of the video, viewers were divided about the name choice.

"You really named him Deluca? oof," someone wrote.

"I laughed way too hard at this," another person added.

Someone else wrote that they'd considered Deluca as a name for their son, but that their husband wasn't convinced.

"My husband was the same way but now I can’t imagine him being named anything else!" Emily wrote in response.

Other people commenting on the video revealed they too had chosen Grey's Anatomy inspired names for their tots.

"So cute! My sons name is Riggs, also from greys," one person wrote.

"We have twins Avery and Owen and it hit my husband when they were like 2 that they were both from Grey's," another woman added.

"I knew the whole time!"

"My friend named her son Karev," a third person wrote.

As fans of Grey's Anatomy will know, Giacomo Gianniotti's character DeLuca was killed off in season 17 of the show.

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